Navratri Durga Pooja Muhurat for 21 sep 2017

Navratri Durga Pooja Muhurat for 21 sep 2017

Navratri festival is one of the most auspicious festivals of India. All the Indians, no matters living in India or in abroad, celebrate the festival with great joy and enthusiasm. It is a nine day festival in which goddess Durga and all her nine forms are worshipped. People use to do fast, during the nine days of worship. This is to make the goddess Durga happy and get her blessings. Goddess Durga is the deity of happiness and joy.

In the year 205, the nine days Navratri festival is starting from 21th of sep month. On the first day of the Navratra Pooja, Ghata sthapana is peformed.

Muhurta for ghata sthapana is from 06:24 am to 08:12 am (2hours 48 minutes) on 21/sep/2017.

This muhurta is fall on the Pratipada Tithi that is considered to start from 10:50 am on 20/sep/2017 and ends at 10:35 am on 21/sep/2017. From the Ghata Sthapana, Navratri festival starts.

Things that one required before the Ghatasthapana:

Photo or idol of the Goddess Durga, clay pot, barley seeds, Soil, Water, Ghat or Kalash, Coconut, Red cloth, 5 tree leaves of Mango or Ashoka, flower garland, Coins, Chowki, Sacred Thread or Moli, raw rice, Scent, Dhoop, clay lamp, Naivedya, Roli for the tilak, plate and bell.

Stepwise procedure for the Ghatasthapana

  1. For the Ghatasthapana, one has to just sit peacefully, near the chowki where the idol or photo of the Goddess Durga is placed.
  2. Then put a clay pot near it and sow the barley seeds. Sprinkle some amount of water in it. Do it as per the Ghata Sthapana muhurat.
  3. Then take a Ghat or Kalash and fill it with the sacred river water. Put some coins, flower and scent in it. At the mouth of the Ghat, just put five Ashoka and Mango tree leaves to it.
    Cover the lid of the ghat with the raw rice. Now take a dry coconut, wrap it with the red cloth and tie with the Moli. Now place it on the lid of the clay pot.
  4. Your ghatasthapana is completed now.
  5. Now with full devotion, do prayers of the goddess and worship the ghat. Lit the lamp in the evening and worship the ghat with the Panchopchar that consist of Dhoop, Deepak, Scent, Flower and Naivedya (Food, fruits or sweets offered as prasad).
  6. Now invoke the goddess Durga, with the choki sthapana. For this, just spread a red color cloth on the chowki and tie the moli (a red color cotton thread) around it. Now, put a goddess Durga photo or idol on the chowki.
  7. It is suggested that you should perform the prayer with Durga saptshati paath.

Things that you need to consider while performing the pooja

  • Keep the body, mind and place of the worship place clean and pure.
  • Perform the pooja with pure love, devotion and dedication for the Goddess.
  • Try to worship regularly at a particular time.
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