New Year Maha Yagya Puja for Manokamna Sidhhi and Kashth Nivaran

Manokamana Sidhi Puja and Kasht Nivaran Yagya Homam

A Special Maha Yagya Puja on Hindu New Year 2017

28 March 2017 Tuesday


We will include every part of your Life for protect whole Year 2017

So, that you will get whole year protection, whole year career growth, good to health and prosperity.


We do Puja Same are

Ganesha Homam and Abhishekam with Atharvashirsh path – for getting right way in our life, improve decision power, remove all type troubles, remove confusion.


Swasti Vachan and Punya Vachan – Vedic Mantra’s power for getting Swasti means Kalyan


Neel Sarswati Stotram Pathh and Yagya – Getting Succes in competitive exam and success in Studies


Navgrah Puja Graha Shanti Yagya and Mantra Jap – our every event on depends on Nine planets so we must need blessing of Navgraha. We will chant Mantra Jap for Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru-Brihaspti, Shukra, Shani, Rahu, Ketu individual and also for Navgrah.


MahaMritunjaya Puja & MritSanjivani Kavahpathh with Homa– This is a very unic Mantra path for Maha Mritunjaya. It is Kavach and cover or protect life over all deceases and health issue, accidental case so on.


Surya Puja & Atharvashirsh Pathh – remove all troubles in your career life, get promotions opportunities, improve leadership and goodwill.


Sri and Laxmi Sukta – Purush Sukta  Pathh – remove all types financial troubles, get new income of sources via Laxmi Narayana Homam.


Bagalamukhi Puja Yagya – victory over enemies, win in interviews, win in court case, remove hard level competitions


Rudra Abhishekam path with Homam– remove misunderstanding in our relationship, remove disputes in all relationship, happy marriage life, happy love life so on


Bhairava puja – for Nazar Dosh Nivaran, remove black magic

Yagya Homam cost Rs 15000 – Order Now

Puja cost Rs 2700 – Order Now




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