Procedure of conducting Lakshmi worship on the auspicious festival Diwali

Procedure of conducting Lakshmi worship on the auspicious festival Diwali
The most auspicious ritual of festical Diwali is perform Lakshmi puja. During the auspicious day of diwali It is believed that Maa Laxmi visits everyone to spread prosperity and peace everywhere. Therefore, Diwali is the most important day to perform worshiping of Goddess Lakshmi. Traditionally Lakshmi Ganesha or Laxmi Puja is offer after sunset. This worship is also popular as the lakshmi Kuber puja.
Muhurat and Date for Diwali Lakshmi Puja in 2017
Diwali Lakshmi worship date – 19th oct 2017
Muhurat of Lakshmi Puja in evening 23:30 to 24:19
Procedure to complete Lakshmi worship
1) Establish the Kalash:-
On a raised platform Lay down a new red cloth (chourang).
In the centre of the cloth Place a handful of grains (rice or wheat).
Place a Kalash in the right place and also fill three-fourth of it with water.
Now need to place a betel nut (Paan leave), a coin, a flower and some rice grains in it.
Arrange 5 mango leaves and five kinds of leaves at the mouth of kalash.
On the kalash Place a small dish and also fill it with the rice grains.
With turmeric powder ( haldi ) draw a lotus over the rice grains and also place the idol of goddess Lakshmi, along with the coins (silver coins or gold). People can also place Shri yantra, if they have.
2) Worship of Lord Ganesha:-
Worship of vighneshwar and the remover of all the obstacles.
People also need to place the idol or picture of Lord Ganesha on the right (South-West direction) of the Kalash.
Place ink, pen and books etc. related to your occupation or business near it.
Offer kumkum, haldi and flowers and also light a lamp and to platform.1
Offer kumkum, haldi and flowers with the water that is also used for the puja.After that invoke the river goddesses to be part of in this water.
3) Worship Goddess Lakshmi:
Mahalakshmi is the goddess of money and wealth.
Invoke Lakshmi worship by reciting the special mantras.
Or close your eyes, simply take flowers in your hands and think of Maa Lakshmi.
In a plate, Place the idol of Goddess Lakshmi and also take bathe with sacred water, panchamrit and then with the water containing a pearl or some gold ornament.
Devotee need to wipe the idol with a soft cloth and also on the kalash place it back.
Offer saffron paste, perfume, haldi, sandal paste, kumkum, gulal and abeer to the goddess.
People also offer a garland of the cotton beads to the goddess.
People also offer flowers specially the Bel Patra and marigold flowers.
Light an dhoop and incense stick.
Offer coconut, sweets, tambu and fruits.
4) Worship the Kuber – God treasure:-
Perform the puja of your Tijoori (where you keep jewellery and money) as per the symbol of Lord Kuber.
Also perform the chant Kuber Mantra to give please him.
5) After completing the puja Perform Aarti 
Perform the Aarti of Maa Lakshmi by Light diya with your whole family.
Distribute prasad after aarti among the people.

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