Procedure of Goddess Laxmi Puja for Business-

Procedure of Goddess Laxmi Puja for Business-

As per the Vishnu puran, For conducting marriage of lord venkatesh with padmavati , kuber has given loan to him and until the kalyug end get pay.  In the Hindu mythology, people believe that if they perform worship for Goddesa laxmi and lord kuber together, then they will able to get everything from this world and also get good wealth and never get short of money. They can spend their whole life with full of joy and happiness.

The most auspicious Goddess Laxmi puja is conduct to obtain the new opportunity, prosperity and for getting new income sources on the auspicious festival dhantrayodashi, diwali and dussehra.

Conducting the puja-

Clean or new cloth is spread on a wooden made chowki. Over it, by the help of turmeric powder a Vinayaga of triangular formed is also placed. Inside, a kalasha filled with water of coconut and mango leaves on the top is get placed. Paste of Handan and Kumkum is also applied on the kalasha and a garland flowers is also offered. In the end of this auspicious puja , people also perform aarti and distributed Prasad { jiggery or sugar } among the people. Any person should not get up between the puja and one should onle get up after completing the puja. This is the very important thing people must to remember. In puja the kalasha represents kuber and laxmi while the turmeric powder is the Ganesha form.

Significance of the most auspicious Laxmi kuber puja for Business-

People should perform this puja if they want to acheive the legitimate wealth. Mainly the business people and people having the financial problem must perform this special puja along with their home to obtain the elegance and blessings of maa Laxmi. The metal yantra made is used for invoking the powers of maa laxmi and Lord kuber helps in removing the obstacle and curse in the way of obtaining wealth or riches. It is the very powerful homa completed for obtaining the prosperity and wealth. It helps in improving the dues of faster by satisfying the Goddess and God of wealth and health together.

Importance of conducting the Laxmi kuber puja for successful Business:

If the most auspicious worship is performed by full of dedication, devotion, faith and trust is definitely followed by the most positive results.  The worship of Goddess Laxmi kuber helps in raising the living standards of prosperity and wealth in the person’s life. After completing this puja people also feel comforts, peace and hapiness in life and able to get development in the career will also take place because of this auspicious worship.

Importance of Sri Lakshmi Kubera Mantra

People need to doing enchanting of mantra for 108 times that will bring in prosperity and wealth in their life. For the superior result, In the worship place, people can place shree kuber and Goddess Laxmi  yantra permanently. Because the shree kuber and Goddess Laxmi  yantra have the capability to handle any types of difficult situation in easiest way.

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