puja of Hartalika teej and the puja of new year for the calendar year 2017

puja of Hartalika teej and the puja of new year for the calendar year 2017

Pujas are very common in the country of India. Hinduism, the main religion of the country, is full of God and respective Goddesses, that why every now and then a festival happens there. The Hindu people are very fond of observing pujas, as they believe it is one of the most important ways of reaching their gods. This is why every year; various pujans are organized by everyone. These pujas are held across the nation, at most homes. Two such pujas, which will occur this year also, are the Hartalika and the New year pujans.


Observed mostly by the women in the states of North India like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar during the Shukla PakshaTithi of the months of Bhadrapada and Sawan, Teej is categorized into-

  1. HartalikaTeej
  2. HariyaliTeej
  3. KajariTeej

“Harat” meaning “abduction” and “Alika” referring to a “female friend” gives this three day fast its name, the “Hartalika” Teej, after the common legend associated with this festival. In Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, it is also known as GowriHabba, with relevance to Goddess Gowri. The women here keep the SwarnaGowriVrath to invoke the blessings of the Goddess for a felicitous married life.

In 2016, the HartalikaTeej, or the HARTALIKA TEEJ PUJA 2017, is scheduled on the 24th of August, Thursday. TritiyaTithi begins on 21:02pm on the 23rd of August, Wednesday and ends at 20:27pm on the 24th of August, Thursday.

This puja is ideally performed in the morning hours of the day, or during Pradosh time, with offerings of flowers, sweets and coins. Some women observe strict “nirjalavrat”.Sand idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are created especially for being worshipped as the apotheosis of marital bliss and progeny this day.


This year, the New Year Puja 2017 will occur on Date and Day- 28th March Tuesday

Sankranti Moment- 08:29 pm on 28th Of March 2017.

The Indian communities celebrate Yugadi or Ugadi festival as the commencement of a new year on the first day of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra, after Holi. The festivities vary from place to place and community to community. But the basic moods of celebration are the same across the nation- praying for success and splendor in the forthcoming days.

Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrate Ugadi while Kashmir celebrates Navreh. Maharashtra has GudiPudwa celebrations as Punjab has Baisakhi festivities. The day is called Puthandu in Tamil Nadu, Vishu in Kerala, BohagBihu in Assam, NoboBorsho or PoilaBoishakh in West Bengal and Cheti Chand amongst the Sindhi community.

In Sanskrit, “yuga” stands for “age” while “adi” stands for “beginning” and Yugadi marks the creation of the Universe by Lord Brahma. Jasmine flowers are widely used in this puja. Some temples organize KaviSammelans where many a poets gather to recite their verses; and often the best poet is showered with accolades. This festival thus also gets to be known as the “festival of poets”. Various cultural programs also add to the joy and mirth of this day.

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