The facts for all about the 2017 Nag Panchami and Navaratri Pujan

The facts for all about the 2017 Nag Panchami and Navaratri Pujan

Hindu traditions and cultures are humongous and so is their number of Gods and Goddesses. Every powerful living being and elements like fire, water, air and metal are a form of supernatural being which is worshipped dedicatedly on a day by the Hindus. Here, in we are interested in giving a short overview of few of the mostly followed traditions and Idol worshipping. So of them are as follows;

Nag Panchami

This is considered to be a day when the Snake is worshipped. This is followed by people throughout India as well as Nepal. This festival is observed take place on the fifth day of the Sharavan month as per the Lunar Calender. The dates differ every year. For example, it occurred on 19 August in 2016 whereas on 27th July on 2017. Nag Panchami Puja 2017 is supposed to be held on July. The idol which is worshipped is either made of stone, silver or wood or can be painted. The Idols are bathed with milk and then various rituals like recitation of sloks, keeping fast and following different rules are the main traditions associated with this day. Moreover, on this day the Nag, cobras and snakes are worshipped. They are worshipped with sweets, flowers, lamps and some sacrifices also. According to the Brahmins, if a fast is kept on this day in the name of the Nag , then a guaranteed protection from snake bite is blessed by the snake god. This day is also considered to remove the KalasarpaDosha, due to which many people having this Dosha on their zodiacal charts, go through ill luck and harships.

Vasanta or Chaitra Navaratri

Navaratri comprises of nine nights when various fasts and rituals are held in the honour of the Goddess of Power, Goddess Durga. There are five periods when Navratri puja is carried out in a year. These are Vasanta Navaratri, Gupt Navaratri, Sharad Navaratri, Ashad Navratri, Pausha Navaratri.Navratri is considered to be one of the most fortunate and auspicious ceremony where people keep fasts and perform a sequence of rituals to please Goddess Durga. If dedicatedly prayed, Goddess Durga is believed to bestow happiness to the person and his/her family and protect them from thee evil.The Vasanta Navratri, which is also known as Chaitra Navratri, is celebrated between March and April. The following are the procedures or Vidhis,which constitutes the  Puja or worship on the corresponding days, in the season of Basant or Vasanta Chaitra Navaratri Pooja 2017 is to be held on the dates mentioned along with the Pooja Vidhis of each of the nine days.

Day 1: 28th March 2017 (Tuesday),Pratipada : Ghatasthapana, Shailputri Puja and the Chandra Darshan.

Day 2:29th March 2017(Wednesday),Dwitiya: SindharaDooj and the Brahmacharini Puja

Day 3:30th March 2017(Thursday), the GauriTeej, the SaubhagyaTeej, ChandraghantaPuja, the KushmandaPuja and the VaradVinayakaChauth

Day 4:31st March2017(Friday), the Naag Puja, the Lakshmi Panchami and the Skandamata Puja

Day 5: 1stApril 2017(Saterday), the SkandaSashti, the Yamuna Chhath and the Katyayani Pujast

Day 6:02nd April 2017(Sunday),Saptami: Maha Saptami and the Kalaratri Puja

Day 7:03rd April 2017(Tuesday),Ashtami: the Durga Ashtami, the Mahagauri Puja, the Annapurna Ashtami,Sandhi Puja

Day 8:04th April 2017(Wednesday),Navami: Rama Navami

Day 9:05th April 2017(Thursday),Dashami: NavratriParanaa.

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