The power of the Shravan Month in the Hindu calendar

The power of the Shravan Month in the Hindu calendar

In India, if you will never be surprised to see that an ongoing puja is occurring. Pujas are a very common sight across the nation, and from North to the South Lands, and from Western parts to the east; every Hindu devotees himself or herself to the almighty.

However, it is not like a person just prays to one single God or Goddesses; or he or she observes only one single puja during the year. The pujas in Hindu Traditions are many in number.

Most of them are done for some specific reasons and some of them are done for a particular cause. Today, in this small article, we are here going to discuss about the 2 pujas. These two pujas are observed by many people across India, and hence it these 2 pujas can be considered as very auspicious.

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We are of course talking about the Shravan Mas Shiv Puja and the very famous Sankashti Chaturthi Puja. These 2 pujas are again going to occur in the year 2017, and for your benefit we are going to talk about it here.

So, let us first take a look at the Shravan Mass Pujan, and its characteristics;

As per the Hindu and the Indian tradition, the month of Shravan or the Shravan month is the most perfect and favourable month in the Hindu and general calendar. The month is known as the most ritual filled month in the whole of the Hindu calendar. The Shravan month is known as the month of festivals, as many occasion and happenings, as per the Hindu tradition, occur here.

The Shravan month is the considered as the first month of all of the Chatur (Four) Mass or Months. The Chatur Months are known as the holiest months of the Hindu calendar. As per the Hindu Tradition, if there is any sanctified month in the calendar, then it is the Shravan Month. Also called the Shravan Mahina, the Hindi for the word Month, the month is the most auspicious month. The month’s position on the calendar is Number 5 as per the normal and general Hindu calendar. The month usually falls from end of July to end of August every year.

During this month, various types of pujans are organized, for example, during the Shravan mass 2017, pujas of different gods will be observed. However, the main pujan attraction will be the Shravan Mas Shiv Puja 2017. These are the Pujans that will be held on every Monday during the month. During this period, a follower cannot consume non veg food, liquor and some other things.  Total dedication towards Lord Shiva will be given during this time. A follower must make sure that he is following all the rituals and the rules of the Shiva Pujan, so that he can get bestowed by all the blessing from almighty during the month.

Talking about the Sankashti Chaturhi;

Basically, it is a fast that it held to appease Lord and God Ganesha. The fast becomes very special if a follower does it during the Shravan Mass. However, the fast is held once in every 30 days, and every month. With the fast, a pujan should also be organized so that Lord Ganesha gets pleased with your dedication. In the year 2017, or for the Sankashti Chaturthi Puja 2017, you can hold the fast 12 times from 15th January to 06th December 2017.

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