Use the secrets of Vedic oils to light up your home this Diwali 2017

Use the secrets of Vedic oils to light up your home this Diwali 2017

On 19th oct 2017

Vedic oils are used to light the lamps and considered to be very auspicious in Diwali Puja. The importance and use of the Vedic oils is described in Vedic Texts which were mainly written by the sages long ago in our ancient history. These Vedic oils have their own significance in traditional practices which is being followed from ancient period. Its usage is considered to be beneficial in maintaining the positive environment during Diwali Puja at home.  It provides the steadiness and helps to attain calm and the peace in our soul, body and mind. It is even essentially used to prevent the negative effect of the Graha Dosha.

The secrets of Vedic oils lie in its essence and usage in mass for lighting the lamps in Diwali Puja. The whole home is lighted with deeya and Vedic oils in it which brings tremendous shine and imparts the positive vibes at home. The each Vedic oils has powerful significance in attaining the peace and state of stability in calmness. The Vedic oils itself demonstrates their importance of spreading the positive energy spiritually among the devotees in Diwali Puja. The lights that emerged from the lamps used with the Vedic oils for lighting it remove the darkness and bring the knowledge with message of spreading the Love among everyone during the Diwali Puja.

These Vedic oils which are can be used to light the lamps at your home this Diwali are :

  1. Desi Cow’s Ghee : This Vedic oil develops the positive vibes and creates the environment with ‘satvik’ sentiments. It helps to attain peacefulness and calmness in the devotees’ soul and body.
  2. Castor Vedic Oil : It is used for lighting the lamps for giving the restfulness and peace to mind. This is beneficial to attain the peace and getting relieved from any problems.
  3. Mahua Vedic Oil : It is essentially used for obtaining the wealth. The shows importance of Vedic oils in performing the Lakshmi Puja during Diwali. The Goddess of Wealth blesses her devotees with tremendous wealth to them.
  4. Black Sesame Oil : The black sesame oil is used for getting relief from the Graha Dosha. It removes the negativity and bad effects of evil spirits from the life of devotee during the Diwali Puja.
  5. Cardamom Oil : The cardamom oil acts as the remover of stress. Its effect removes the parenting stress from root and frees the life of a person from its influence.
  6. Virgin Coconut Oil : The virgin coconut oil reminds its sweetness from inside in spite of hard at outside. In the same way it gives a fruitful result from despite of being any obstacles that come in our life. This oil when used to light the lamps for Diwali Puja helps to achieve obstacle free life.
  7. Clove Oil : The use of clove oil helps to attain the purification of the environment and it gives warmness at all your surroundings nearer to home. The oil used for lighting the lamps brings the positive energy at the home.
  8. Tulsi Oil : The Diwali Puja performed by using Tulsi oil helps to purify the fragrance which gives the strength to mind to act and remain positive.
  9. Cinnamon oil : The lamps lighted with cinnamon oil helps in attracting the positive energy towards the devotees in Diwali Puja.

These nine most famous secrets of the Vedic Oils maintains your home with full of positive vibes in this Diwali and spreads the spiritual knowledge which helps to gain a peace in forthcoming life.

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