When comes the Diwali festival 2017?

The most auspicious festival Diwali (or Deepavali in Sanskrit) means the “lights of festival”.  The special festival diwali is celebrated for five days. It the biggest festival in India. People offer to honors the victory of good over the brightness and evil and all over the darkness. It is also celebrates the Lord Rama and his wife Goddess Sita returning to their home kingdom of Ayodhya. God Hanuman’s beat the demon King Ravana and save the Goddess Sita from his evil. And on that day this day is celebrate as dashara festival.

When comes the Diwali festival 2017?

Depending on the cycle of moon, diwali comes in the month of October or November. In the year 2017 diwali starts with the festival of Dhanteras on 17th oct in India. The amin festival diwali celebrated on the third day of dhanterash.

Procedures to follow on the auspicious Diwali festival 2017:-

Each day of the diwali festival also has a different meaning

The first day of the auspicious festival celebrated as a Dhanteras and also marks the start of Diwali festival. This festival is dedicated to celebrating the wealth and happiness. Maa Lakshmi puja is providing for wealth, prosperity. On this special day, generally people traditionally buy gold.
The second day is also known as Naraka Chaturdasi. Goddess Kali or Lord Krishna are believed to have damaged the demon Narakasura and on this day get freed 16,000 captive princesses.

On the third day of this festival is considered as the main day, lots of lamps are lit on this special day on the workplace and their home (called diyas) and candles are also lit in the home. People clean and also decorate their homes with the rangoli (Hindu folk art), gamble, buy new clothes and also give each other sweets and gifts during the festival.

In the fourth day of this festival, merchants also open fresh accounts in the new year, and perform prayers.

The fifth day is the last day of this festival celebrated as a Bhai Duj. It is the brother and sister festival. They get together and also share food, to honor the bond between them.

During Diwali festival what rituals are Performed?

According to the region, the rituals vary. Although people find the special blessings given by Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess Laxmi is the Devi of prosperity and wealth and Lord Ganesha to the remover of obstacles.

Safety Information on this auspicious festival Diwali

Safety is a big issue on this day. During diwali It is a good idea to protect hearing with ear plugs, especially in that case when your ears are very sensitive. Some crackers sound more explosions and extremely loud. The noise is very damaging for people ear. So, people leave to very carefully on this special day.

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