Shani Pradosh and Shivratri Puja in 2018

Shani Pradosh and Shivratri Puja in 2018

Shani Pradosh Puja 2018

As per the Hindus, Pradosh is considered to be as pradosh vrat, pradosh fast as well as Pradosham. It is considered to be the thirteenth day of each and every lunar cycle and Lord Shiva has been considered to be the prime deity. In case the Pradosh falls on Saturday, it gets converted to Shani Pradosh. On this auspicious day, Lord Shani is prayed with full devotion.

In case you are on the way to plan for Shani Pradosh Puja in 2018, then it is good. But at the same time, it is very important to keep into consideration some important dates as per the respective regions. Some of the vital ones include, 26th May 2018 on Shukla Paksha, 06th Oct 2018 on Krishna Paksha, 22nd Sep 2018 on Shukla Paksha.

On these auspicious days of pradosham, devotees observe fast from the sunrise till the sunset. In order to break their fast, they are known to perform Pradosh pooja.  In case anybody has no blessings from the side of Lord shani, his life gets filled with lots of problems. As Saturday is dedicated to Lord Shani, it is believed that performing the puja of Lord Shani assists a lot in relieving an individual from the clutches of Shani Dosha. Thorough worship from heart will snatch away all sins and difficulties of life.

Shivratri Puja 2018

The day of supreme power, Shivratri will be observed on 13th  Feb, 2018. Worshipping Lord Shiva with complete dedication on this auspicious day will let showering of blessings. Observing fast on this auspicious day will eventually let an individual get out of the cycle of existence and demise.

On this auspicious occasion of Shivratri, Lord Shiva and Shakti got converged. As per the Hindu calendar, Shivratri Puja is observed every month at the night of Chaturdashi Tithi. But the Shivratri observed in the month of Magha during the Krishna Paksha as per the Hindu calendar has been known to be MahaShivratri Puja.

Generally, the Chaturdashi Tithi of the dark fortnight of the Magha month can be expected to begin at 23:34 of 13th February 2018 and conclude at 00:49 on 15th February 2018 Hence, the devotees may feel free to take one meal throughout the day of 13th February. Afterwards, as the corresponding night is MahaShivratri, the devotees need to worship the Shiva family. The fast must be observed till the nightfall of that day.

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As per the Hindu calendar, the fast regarding Shivratri must be observed strictly at the ultimate leg of Trayodashi but before the starting of Amavasya. As the Muhurat of this powerful day in is expected to fall after 19:49:52 IST in 2018 worshipping of Lord Shiva before breaking of the fast anytime after sunset will be fruitful. The six imperative components to be incorporated for Shiva Puja on Shivratri as per the directions of Purana include:

  • Vermilion paste
  • Oil lamp
  • Incense sticks
  • Fruits especially Ber or Datura
  • Betel leaves
  • Bael leaves

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