Jupiter Transit Pooja – 11 August 2016, Thursday why you need ?

Jupiter Transit Pooja – 11 August 2016, Thursday why you need ?


Jupiter_Transit_Puja_160There is a saying in Vedic Astrology, “A good Jupiter erases a million sins.” Jupiter will change your destinyDoesn’t it sound good? The question arises how does he do so? He always makes you aware before doing that. Just by using your common sense and consciousness you can beat your competitors. Jupiter is the spirituality within you and makes you realistic. A good Jupiter may assist you to save money, to invest wisely, to pursue higher education and to have children. Without Jupiter’s weight, Mercury will only make you clever but without any power. The things that Jupiter brings into your life are long-lasting: children, knowledge, the growth of consciousness, and lasting wealth.


Jupiter is the essence of our civilization as a whole: Law, Education, Philosophy, Wisdom, Tradition, History and Classical Arts. Has he moves into a new sign it has a great impact on you and on the world. Although if Jupiter will stay in one sign for a year then his influence will have an eternal impact. Jupiter is going to move into Leo to Virgo on 11 August 2016, Thursday July 14th 2015 Tuesday.

According to Hindu Astrology we can says that Guru Graha or Brihaspathi Graha Gochar Rashi Change Singha to Kanya on this date. So we have to do Guru Brihaspti Puja must be done.

Shree Navgrah Mandir KHARGONE will celebrate Jupiter’s transit with the Pooja and Vedic Mantra Jap rituals on Thursday 11 August2016, this day has been chosen because according to the Siddha Indian tradition it is the day when Jupiter moves into Virgo  and it is most momentous for change of your destiny and also on this day we will invite everyone to participate in these rituals; through an archana (Pooja) or Mantra Jaap for your birth star.

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