Rituals associated with Sawan Somvar Vrat 2016

Rituals associated with Sawan Somvar Vrat 2016

In the previous articles we read about the dates of Sawan Somvar Vrat. We also took a glimpse at the importance and legend associated with Lord Shiva in the Shravan month.

Now let us take a look at the rituals associated with this auspicious month. The important customs related with this day are as follows –

  1. The devotees take a holy dip in the morning and pray Lord Ganesha. Post that, they worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.
  2. As this vrat is associated with Lord Shiva, devotees offer Bel leaves, honey, yogurt, milk, butter, jiggery to the Shiva Linga.
  3. Cleaning the place of puja and establishing the idol or picture of Lord Shiva is also one of the rituals.
  4. People chant ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ or Maha Mritunjay Mantra on this day.
  5. Devotees wear Rudraksha or use Rudraksha Mala for meditation or Japa.
  6. On this day, recite or listen to the Solah Somvar Vrat Katha else the fast is considered incomplete.
  7. Keep distance from normal food items. Devotees should consume only fruits, Sabudana Khichdi and potato chips etc.

Mantra to be chanted for worshipping Lord Shiva during Sawan Somvar Vrat is as follows –

ध्यायेन्नित्यंमहेशं रजतगिरिनिभं चारुचंद्रावतंसं रत्नाकल्पोज्ज्वलांग परशुमृगवराभीतिहस्तं प्रसन्नम्‌।

The above mentioned were some rituals associated with the Sawan Somvar Vrat. The same rituals are observed while following the Sawan Somvar Vrat. During the Sawan month, another important spiritual event that occurs is of second Shivaratri. This month is of Sawan, hence the Shivaratri following during this month is termed as Sawan Shivaratri.

It is believed that if Sawan Shivaratri falls on Monday, the importance of it increases immensely. Reason behind it is that the three most auspicious and favorite days of Lord Shiva fall on one day i.e. Sawan, Sawan Somvar and Monthly Shivaratri.

Sawan is the month of rain. This sawan in 2016, festivals like  Amavasya, Nag Panchmi, Janmashtmi, Raksha Bandhan etc will be celebrated. This month is the season of rain and blessings of God.

This is the time to thank the almighty for protecting the universe. Be prepared to devote yourself to Lord Shiva.

We at Navgrah Mandir hope that our Sawan Somvar series articles will help you knowing and practicing rituals associated with Sawan Somvar Vrat 2016.

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Jul, 13 2016 07:08 am