5 Days Complete Details for Diwali Puja

5  Days date wise Complete Vedic Diwali puja Details for Year 2016

On the day of Diwali Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Goddess of beauty, light, wealth and good fortune and Lord Ganesha, the God of success and prosperity, are worshipped and praised following the Vedic method. This is known as the Vedic Diwali Puja. Although worshipping these Gods leads to success, but Goddess Mahalaxmi does not reside in any person’s house if he or she is not hard-working enough. Her blessings are bestowed only upon those who work hard and she is not just an instrument to wealth.

Laxmi Kuber Puja & Yagya on the Day & Night of Diwali date 11 November 2016, Wednesday

Lord Kuber is the King of prosperity and wealth whereas; Goddess Laxmi is the Goddess of both of these. Therefore, if you want complete blessings, you must please both and that is why, on Diwali, both Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber are worshipped through the Laxmi Kuber Puja. Those who are suffering from poverty or are facing financial debts, depend upon this puja to gain wealth and recover from the debt.

Lord Kuber is the king and that is why he is the richest of all the Gods according to the Hindu scriptures and mythologies. Therefore, those who are in financial difficulties are recommended to do this puja or worship of Laxmi Kuber Puja to attain wealth and prosperity. Lord Kuber has been so financially stable that he even lent money to Lord Balaji as per the scriptures. However, it is not the wealth, but also the peace, wisdom, grandeur, prosperity, glory, valour and virtue that come along with this puja. This is the reason, it is highly recommended to do this worship on Diwali. This will certainly protect the worshippers from disease, danger and disaster.

Participating in the grand and massive puja that will be taken under on the day of Diwali 2014, that is October 23rd, will bring you the pathway to glory and success and definitely a peace of mind. As it is not very difficult to earn wealth but rather keeping it safe is a difficult task, the Laxmi Kuber Puja will certainly bring you the advantages. It is highly recommended that you actively participate in the puja to gain the peace in your body, mind and soul. The moments and the atmosphere on this auspicious day are special and have positive impact on the body.

That is why, honouring Lord Kuber, the Banker of Heaven, will certainly have positive results. All your lost wealth will be reviewed and returned back to you if you worship him along with Goddess Mahalaxmi on Diwali. Whereas Goddess Mahalaxmi will certainly help your wealth never to decrease, Lord Kuber will support you to earn more. a thorough puja that we will conduct will definitely bring the maximum out of this worship on this day.


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Laxmi  Kuber Puja

The day of Diwali

Puja cost Rs 3500/-

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Laxmi  Kuber Yagya

The Night of Diwali

Yagya cost Rs 15000/-


Kuber Puja – Dhanteras: 1st Day of Diwali date 28 October 2016 Friday

Lord Kuber, the God and King of wealth, is worshipped on this event with the hope to save monet and asset. All those people who are suffering from poverty, loss of money, loan crisis, debts and much more both in their personal life as well as business, will solve the problem. An additional Kuber Yantra puja will bring fast recovery if the problem is persistent.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Maha Kali Puja on Kali Chaudas – The 2nd Day of  Diwali date 29 october 2016 Saturday

Goddess Kali is the symbol of strength. She is the consort of Lord Shiva. On the 2nd day of Diwali, the Maha Kali Homa is performed to get power and strength of mind. Performing this puja will remove all sorts of fear from mind and bring success. A believer in this puja will also get rid of black magic, evil eye from their lives and gain prosperity, bringing happiness back.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Hanuman Jayanti Puja – the 2nd Day of Diwali date 29 october 2016 Saturday

Worshipping Lord Hanuman will help all the worshippers to overcome the hurdles in their lives. It bestows upon energy and confidence in the form of blessings into the devotees that help that to gain success. When this puja is performed as per the Vedic method, it helps the worshippers to get rid of the physical problems and illness. When you do the Balaristayog or the Arogyapujan, it will give you physical strength.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Diwali Maha Laxmi Puja – the 3rd Day of Diwali date 30 October 2016 Sunday

Goddess Laxmi is the goddess of fortune, wealth, luxury, fertility, power, beauty and auspiciousness. Worshipping her on this day will bring fulfilment and contentment to all your wishes. Although she is restless and it is quite difficult to make her hold and stay in your households, when you do the puja on this day thoroughly, it will certainly help you to get her blessings that she always bestows upon you with her arms raised. Get positive results to all your financial problems and gain material as well as spiritual prosperity.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Goverdhan  Puja Annakut

Kanak Dahara Puja – the 4th Day of Diwali date 31 October 2016 Monday

Although many people aspire to overcome financial difficulties over a short period of time, it is also important that you have a way to earn massive amount of wealth on a regular basis. The Kanak Dhara Puja is done with this purpose. It will keep food fortune stay with the worshippers throughout the year. However, it is also important as Kanak Dhara puja will bring immediate positive results too financial problems.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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Bhai Duj, Bhaiya Duj, Yam Dwitiya

Shri Sukta Puja –– the 5th Day of Diwali date 01 November 2015,Tuesday

If you are seeking prosperity and wealth to be ushered on you, the Shri Sukta puja is a must. All those who are facing economical trouble and are looking for a way where they can be relieved and released from these troubles and earn a lot of money, must do this puja. The Shri Sukta puja and japa has strong and positive impact on the worshipper’s life and hence is highly recommended.

Rs. 2700 or $56

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 Vayapar Shubharambh Vridhi Anushthan: 01 November 2016, Monday

Vyapar or Business is the most important factor in every person’s life who is seeking financial prosperity. As it is the only way through which you can earn a good deal of money, the Vyapar Shubh Arambh Yagya is a must. If luck and fortune is not smiling in your favour, performing this puja will give you a good deal of help by gratifying Lord Kuber. All negativities will be destroyed with this Yagya.

Both for corporate as well as personal lives and sectors, this puja brings positive results. All negative energies will be destroyed with this puja. As the time of Diwali is a very strong moment and has positive impacts, utilizing them with these pujas will definitely have blessings and prosperity bestowed upon you.

Rs. 15000 or $250

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