It is believed that Maha Shivratri is the time when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married. The word ‘Maha’ stands for ‘great’, and ‘the night of Shiva’ is the meaning of ‘Shivratri’. Therefore, Maha Shivratri at once stands for ‘great night of Lord Shiva’. Among the all the Shivratri throughout the year, Maha Shivratri is considered as the most significant. This puja is observed in a vast range in India and Nepal. People keep fasting and worship Lord Shiva with affection and allegiance. Maha Shivratri is a huge festival of union of Shiva and Shakti (Mata Parvati). In the month of Maagha on Krishna Chaturdashi Tithi Maha Shivratri occurs in accordance with the South Indian calendar. Conversely as per North Indian calendar, the monthly Shivratri in the month of Phalguna is considered as the Maha Shivratri. But the significant point is that in both North India and South India Maha Shivratri is celebrated on same day, the differences are in calendars naming principle of lunar months in those provinces.


Maha Shivratri in 2016

 Nirnaya Sindhu, the classical text states that Shivratri takes place on the consequent night of Chaturdashi every month and the Maha Shivratri that which occurs on Magha Chaturdashi. In the next year the MahaShivratri Puja date 2016 is 7th of March.

 Maha Shivratri 2016: Fasting &Worshipping

 According to Hindu scriptures, the worshipers should take only a single meal on the day before the Maha Shivratri Chaturdashi Tithi. From the next morning (the Shivratri morning) fasting starts after completing all the regular errands of the morning such as bathing, worshiping etc. If Chaturdashi Tithi goes on with that night, the fasting should not be broken even after sunset and should be continued until the Tithi gets over.

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The Rituals, the Vidhis

The Maha Shivratri Puja is of a remarkable significant religious festival as per Hindu mythology. People believe that the Maha Shivratri day is the best day to gratify Lord Shiva the most. They also believe that by satisfying Lord Shankar (Shiva) on this propitious Shivratri Tithi, everyone is pardoned of their past sins and is blessed with deliverance – the Moksha.

Performing the Maha Shivratri Puja date 2016 with utmost devotion and commitment will bring power and vigor to life. To celebrate this festival, one should follow the proper vidhi (rituals) as –


  • should bath with water boiled with sesame seeds in it
  • wear new garments
  • keep fasting (only fruits and milk can be taken)
  • visit nearest Shiva temple
  • do the puja by bathing Lord Shiva with his favourite things – milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, sugar and water
  • Put a Bel leaf on the Shiva linga

All this things used in bathing of Lord Shiva are of unique qualities–


  • Milk – blessing of clearness and holiness
  • Yogurt – success and descendants
  • Honey – charming, lovable speech
  • Ghee – success
  • Sugar – joyfulness
  • Water – transparency and lucidity

Significance of Maha Shivratri

 Celebrating Shivratri blesses people to get rid from their previous wrongdoings. Married women perform this pooja for the wellbeing of their spouse’s and children’s. Unmarried girls do this to get a perfect husband like Shiva.

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