Cancer 2017 Horoscope – Cancer Astrology 2017 – Cancer Predictions 2017

Cancer 2017 Horoscope – Cancer Astrology 2017 – Cancer Predictions 2017

A positive year is ahead. You need to work as per your telenat. If you will able to use your talent you will be a successful person in your life in this year. Year is very good for love and married life. Your financial condition will become strong. I

Cancer Career horoscope 2017

Professionally well off, you shall acquire lands, conveyance, power and position through the merit acquired in former life. You will be known in your professional field.  Whatever  profession  you  adopt  it  shall  be  a  success and  in  still  fluid  state.

But you are advised that you should work with confidence but do not over confidence. Work as per earth reality. Do not take rush decisions. Year is good for job as well as business so you should be use this year in your favour.

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If you are in FMCG, milk, IT, or software industries this one year period will be excellent for you.  You will also learn new subjects.

Cancer Finance horoscope 2017

During this period money matters there shall be no dearth of money and you shall  be in  a position  to add to  your movable as well as immovable assets in your  life during this period. Chances of inheriting some wealth are not ruled out. Your chart is giving indications of you be able/having ability and wish to buy a property

Cancer love and marriage horoscope 2017

Placement of the lord of marriage in house of love is indicating this one year period will be favorable for love and married life.  If you are unmarried or single you are looking for some one special in  your life this one year period will make you happy. Old relation will become deeper and new relation will come in light.

This year is also good for children related matters. So those native are looking for child birth will also get some good news.

Relation with parents will fairly good with some up and downs. Your friends will give you good support.

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Cancer travel horoscope 2017

Your 12th lord Venus will give you enjoyment in travel. Professional travel will give you success . Family travel will be cause of mental peace and enjoyment.  You will do both intentional and domestic travel in this year.

Cancer health horoscope 2017

You  shall  therefore  have  long  life  with  no  major  health  problems or accident, but there could be some sluggishness in health even though it won’t be serious or significant , but will be enough to irritate and give you some discomfort.  You may main face some problems related to cough, cold and sugar.

Remedies for Cancer in 2017

Take milk in silver pot

Donate sugar and rice on Monday

Respect your mother

Puja for Cancer in 2017

You should perform lord Shiva worship daily

Mantra for Cancer in 2017

You should recite following mantra 108 times daily

“ Om Somaye Namha”

Gemstone of Cancer in 2017

You should wear White Peral which is the stone of planet Moon . This should be wear in the little finger of right hard.

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