Libra 2017 Horoscope – Libra Astrology 2017 – Libra Predictions 2017

Libra 2017 Horoscope – Libra Astrology 2017 – Libra Predictions 2017

Results in the year will be depends on your efforts. Your rewards will be directly proportionate to the hard work you put in.  You will have enough money for expense. You will get some support from your family and spouse which give you strength. Health needs little care.

Libra Career horoscope 2017

Due to position of planets you will have to work hard for success in this year but efforts will pay you good results. If you are active in accounts, finance, out sourcing and consultancy related profession,

This period will give mixed results. Though gains will be there but at the same time you will also find expenditures and some difficulties.

You are advised to not get involved in any kind of conflict with the authorities. Cautions are also needed from the side of some colleagues. You should not share your plan with them and stay away from the politics.

If you are active in business you are advised work on basic do not do much practical in this year. You should avoid new venture and risk.

Libra Finance horoscope 2017

This is a good year for finance. You can win lottery in this period also. You will invest the money won in the lottery back to share market which will give you much benefit. Investment in computer, real estate and land will give you good return.  Your salary hike will also boost your financial conditions.

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Libra love and marriage horoscope 2017

This year will give you mixed results of family, love and married life. Poor placement of Lord Saturn will be cause of some problems in love life chances of break up may also possible. You will have some worries about children or child birth in this year.

But your family lord and Marriage lord Mars is in good positions so you will find lots of relief in your love and married life. If you are looking for life time relationship and you are single you will get some very good proposals.

Libra travel horoscope 2017

This year will be good for travel and relocation or settlement in aboard.  This is right time for apply PR/ admission in overseas college or university. Newly married couple will enjoy trip of honeymoon in this year. Overall this is a good year for travel.

Libra health horoscope 2017

You are advised that do not ignore your health problems in this year. I am looking some problems related  to Eye disease, Headache, Fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, heart disease, Bile, Thirst, Sun stroke.

Remedies for Libra in 2017

Respect women

Donate cosmetic

Use cream

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Puja for Libra in 2017

You should perform Goddess Laxmi worship daily

Mantra for Libra in 2017

You should recite following mantra 108 times daily

“Om Sha Shukaye Namha”

Gemstone of Libra in 2017

You should wear Diamond or sub stone which is the stone of planet Venus . This should be wear in the ring finger of right hard.

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