Virgo 2017 Horoscope – Virgo Astrology 2017 – Virgo Prediction 2017

Virgo 2017 Horoscope – Virgo Astrology 2017 – Virgo Prediction 2017

Your great efforts would soon make your hopes and dreams a reality. Keep your work hard to live upto the expectations of your authorities. This is a very good year for foreign travel or relocation. Jupiter transit in August on Virgo will make your year excellent in the second part of the year.

Virgo Career horoscope 2017

This one year period will give you mixed results on the professional front. Jupiter is lord of your career. Jupiter will transit in house of foreign till 11th August 2017 this time will be good for gain from foreign land work with multinational companies and professional trips.  This period will also give you some hurdle in your professional life.

After that Jupiter will come in your own sign Virgo this will be excellent for you.  This placement will give you success and confidence both.  You will work as more responsible and sincere person and you will achieve your milestones. You can start new work. This transit of Jupiter will give you success as well as fame.

Overall this year will be good for your professional success.

Virgo Finance horoscope 2017

This year is basically good for financial matters.  But in the first half of the year you will have some wasteful expense. But second half will be good for you. You will receive a big amount of money. You can buy a house or property in this period. Money flow will be very good

Virgo love and marriage horoscope 2017

Your destiny favors you for a healthy love life in this year. However, you will have to burn your ego, ambitions & anger to enjoy it. You may have to take initiative to offer your love to the partner.

This year is also good for your family and social life. You will find support and love from your near one’s. Some new friend will come in your life. They will help you lots in life time for you. If you are single and looking for marriage transit of Jupiter in the Virgo sign will help you lots. So chances of marriage is very high after August 2017 if you are looking for marriage for a long time.

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Virgo travel horoscope 2017

This combination will give you mixed results regarding travel. You should be careful during the travel. In the professional matter you will have to work hard for success in oversea. This will be a wise decision for you if you will avoid unnecessary travel in this year.

Virgo health horoscope 2017

This year looks to be moderate on the health front. So you should be careful on the health front for protection. You may face some problems related to Stomach disorder, Leprosy, Childlessness, intestinal complaints, skin diseases, mental disorder, eczema, itches, scabies, sore throat, tonsils, dumb, bald, ring worm in this year.

Remedies for Virgo in 2017

Offer Green Grace to cow on Wednesday

Clean your teeth with fitkari

Let an empty (ghada) into water for 11 Wednesdays.

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 Puja for Virgo  in 2017

You should perform lord Laxmi Narayana worship daily

Mantra for Virgo in 2017

You should recite following mantra 108 times daily

“Om Budhaye Namha”

Gemstone of Virgo in 2017

You should wear Green Emerald which is the stone of planet Mercury. This should be wear in the small finger of right hard.

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