Kanya rashi


Business and Work Field – From the business point of view, this year is slightly favourable. It is only self-confidence and hard work that will help you to be a winner and achieve the desirable position and respect. Saturn’s aspecting on 10th house will yield minimum profits. Invest carefully in property related matters. It will also be difficult to secure stability in your professional life. Hard labour and intellectual effort is required. Success might be achieved at foreign shores.

Wealth and property- This is a mixed year in terms of finances. Though there will be wealth gains, there will be expenses also for auspicious occasions held at home. There are chances of financial losses so it is better to stay away from risky investments.

Family and society- It is not a good year for family matters. You will be surrounded by mental and family troubles due to Saturn’s dhaiya. Family responsibilities will increase as a result of which you will experience mental pressure always. This is the reason that you will feel the absence of family happiness. You will not get the support of family members. Hence, develop the qualities of tolerance and self-dependency in you. After July, all your troubles will decrease.

Health- In terms of health, this year is not too good. Saturn’s dhaiya and transit of Jupiter in 12th house will cause health troubles. As such, you need to take extra care of your health and existing diseases. If you are suffering from any long time illness then you need to follow a strict diet. Take care while driving any vehicle. Make an effort to develop confidence and will-power to face any contradictory situation failing which you might have serious health problems.

Career and competitive examinations- From the career perspective, this year is mixed. The year is favourable for those students who want to go to foreign countries for studying. They even have chances to be employed in an MNC. Also, they will get success in competitive examinations.
In the latter half of the year, Jupiter’s transit from the 12th house indicates success only after hard work. You need to be confident as it will bring success. You might take wrong decisions in haste, so take time while deciding anything.

Travel and transfer- A favourable period for travel. There are strong chances of foreign trips during the latter half of the year. People with religious nature will enjoy trips to holy places. People in service should not go for a transfer during the latter half of the year as they will not get the desired place of posting.

Religious work and appeasing planets- Water plants and trees with red flowers early at sunrise and then make offerings to the Sun. Donate pure wheat and copper; serve red cow.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:35 pm