Kark rashi


Business and Work Field – The beginning of the year is extremely good for business dealings. An exalted Jupiter positioned in the 10th bhav yields profitable gains for businessmen. You will be able to save money due to your capabilities. You will also discover new ways to earn money. If your money is blocked, there are chances that it will be released. The transit of Jupiter, after the month of July, will not give very good results. There are possibilities of transfer for people in service. You might incur losses in your professional field due to lack of confidence.

Wealth and property- This year will be a stable one from an economic point of view. There are chances of sudden financial gains in this year. You are also likely to receive a legacy. Avoid investing a large sum of money in a new business at the end of the year as the conjunction of Saturn will not be favourable for you.

Family and society- The placement of Jupiter in domestic aspect indicates prosperity in family life. The academic and professional life of children is good. In the middle of the year, Jupiter will make a transit as a result of which the period will no longer remain favourable. The behavior of a family member might hurt your sentiments. It is advisable that you develop your patience and tolerance abilities to face undesirable situations.

Health- Saturn placed in the sixth position might weaken your health. You might undergo stress due to any financial reason or due to your opponent. Your health might suffer while travelling to any place. Therefore, it is best to avoid travelling. Jupiter’s transit might weaken your digestive powers too. Therefore, take care of your eating habits. Untimely meals also might create troubles.

Career and competitive examinations- The first half of the year will be excellent for career prospects. You will interact with experienced people in your field of work and develop your work skills. You will get support from Government officers and other reputed people of the society and experience various gains. Do not trust anyone too much. There are chances of being betrayed.

Travel and transfer- You will get an opportunity to take your parents for pilgrimage in the first half of the year. People in service will have strong chances of transfer of work place. This transfer will be beneficial for them. Take care while travelling during the latter half of the year as there might be slight health complications.

Religious work and appeasing planets- Worship Lord Ganesha and Ma Durga. Serve the cows and feed them a part of your food. Donating green sari and cosmetics to eunuchs will provide miraculous results.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:37 pm