Kumbh rashi


Business and Work Field – This year is very good from a business work field point of view; you will succeed in your ventures due to your luck and efforts. Saturn’s presence in the 11th house creates opportunities for gaining higher position and desirable transfer. The aspect of Jupiter in lagan during first half of the year will give rise to new plans and schemes in your mind. You will get the desired success in your professional field.

Wealth and property- For financial gains, this year is a good one. There will be a constant economic flow throughout the year. Along with this, there are chances of getting share of the ancestral property. You will reap benefits by investing in a new business. There are also chances of economic gains in auspicious occasions.

Family and society- This year is a good one for your family life. There will be happiness and peace in your family. The exalted position of Jupiter will result into marriages, financial gains and a contented relationship with wife and children. You will be associated with different religious places and will spend money in the works related to these places. If you are unmarried then there are chances of marriage in this year. Your mother’s health will not remain too good while your father will enjoy a good year.

Health- The first half of the year will remain extremely favourable for your health. You will remain mentally satisfied in this year. The aspecting Jupiter in lagan will give rise to good thoughts in your mind. You will try to complete a work efficiently. Your lifestyle and food habits will also improve. The transit of Jupiter in July however will cause physical ailments.

Career and competitive examinations- From the career perspective, the year will remain stable. The aspecting Jupiter in 12th bhav will increase your will-power. You will get through the competitive examinations because of your hard labour and Endeavour. Due to the presence of Saturn in 11th house, it is a good year for studies related to medicine, business and technical fields. Lawyers and judge will benefit the most in this period.

Travel and transfer- You will enjoy pleasurable trips with family and friends in this year. Opportunities for pilgrimages are also there for you. All the trips will be good and enjoyable. There are chances of getting the desirable transfer of work place. There are chances of employment in a place far from your home town. There are strong possibilities of foreign trips too. At the end of the year, you will remain busy with business related trips.

Religious work and appeasing the planets- Donate iron utensil on Saturday. Worship Hanuman Ji to attain a healthy body. Avoid being lazy and maintain a balanced and pious lifestyle

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Apr, 01 2015 01:39 pm