Makar rashi


Business and Work Field – This year will yield mixed results in terms of business. The effect of ‘saade sati’ will prevail throughout the year. The first half of the year will not be good because of the negative effect of Jupiter in the 8th house transit. However, the latter half of the year will be good. You will get success in a place far away from your home town. You will invest more in your business but returns will be comparatively less. The transit of Jupiter will decrease your difficulties. If there is any blocked money then it will be released. Promotion is likely for people who are in service. There are chances of expansion in business.

Wealth and property- This year will give mixed results in terms of finances. However, you will not face any economic problem during the year. Jupiter’s aspecting on dhan bhav will result into sudden wealth gains. Along with this, the blocked money will be released. You will renovate your house in the latter half of the year.

Family and society- From the family point of view, this year is not too favourable. There are chances of marriage of your children during this year. There will also be some undesirable situations for which you need to develop your mental strength and tolerance capabilities. Even your bosom friend might fail to keep a promise and a dispute might occur between you and your friend. Your father’s health may deteriorate so it is extremely important that he takes care of his health.

Health- Jupiter’s presence in 8th position is not too favourable for your health. You will suffer from stomach and kidney related problems. For a good health, eat pure and balanced food. Also, eat vegetarian food as it will help to maintain the health of your liver. The transit of Jupiter will prove to be beneficial for you. Donate bananas on Thursday.

Career and competitive examinations- The first half of this year is not entirely favourable for you. If you wish to take up a new course during this period then you need to be careful. Due to Saturn’s ‘saade sati’ you might end up taking wrong decisions. Too much of eating and a lazy lifestyle will make you lose interest in studies.

Travel and transfer- There are strong chances of transfer or travel at the beginning of the year. The presence of Jupiter in 8th bhav is a negative sign for long travel. Also, pilgrimages will not happen in this period. For people in service, there are chances of transfer of work place and it will prove to be beneficial for them. After the month of July, businessmen will take foreign trips and earn a lot too. The transit of Jupiter will be advantageous for businessmen.

Religious work and appeasing the planets- For remedy of the effect of Saturn’s ‘Sade sati’, light diyas under a peepal tree in the evening on Saturday. Feed the saints, guru and Brahmins. Feed besan laddoo to poor people on Thursday.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:40 pm