Mars transit in October, 2016 and its effects

Mars transit will remain in the Leo house for the entire October. Mars, being a fiery sign of the Sun, tendency of erotic desires and Ego tends to increase in the people. People are more apt to choose the immoral ways to avoid the problems that they are facing. Desires of outings and entertainment will evoke in the people.


The transit of the planet Mars will increase the capability of the people with Aries zodiac sign and they will feel more positive. There are losses due to the activities of the children, so be careful. It is possible that you may face a problem in the love relationships.


There are chances of the minor disputes in the family. But there are chances of the increment at the workplace as you have the capability to perform better than others. You should not waste money on the luxurious things and instead you should invest them in gold.


The way you talk is highly appreciated by people at your workplace. There is a flow of energy from you to others at your workplace. People get attracted to you and they will appreciate your humor. It is important to take care of your word while speaking. Luck is on your favor.


This is a good time to come out of your financial matters and spend quality time with your life partner. This is the better time to enjoy the love relationships. Businessmen will get huge business and property dealers have some decent deals of land in this period.


This is not a good time for the married people as they are going to suffer with some complications in this period. It’s better to control the words that you speak abruptly. It is also helpful to avoid anger and interact with everyone calmly especially with your wife.

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Female friends will help you in completion of the halted tasks. It’s better to keep the married life simple. Avoid to get indulge in the unnecessary mess as this will result in long bad consequences. It’s better to drive slowly than reach never at any place. Dispute is likely to happen, so try to avoid it.


Your faithful friends will help you at this time. There is a possibility of making closeness with a friend with opposite sex. Most of your works will get complete and there is a financial benefit too. This is the time, when you can expect some great changes in your life.


This is a great time for your professional life, as you get the desired success at your workplace. Those who deal with the business of property, heavy machinery, contracts are getting benefitted most. There are possibilities of mental tension and a little argument at your work place.


This is a great time for people with Sagittarius zodiac sign. It is beneficial, if you do yoga and meditation regularly. It is good to make new friends and extend your contacts to a great level. You should take a step forward to accomplish the major deals.


There is a definite profit on meeting with the old friends, to whom you don’t have met from long. Go through with the important files and legal papers that you have not touched from a long time. There is a chance of huge profit. Drive slowly and take care of your health.


Aquarians will have to face some problems in their business and marriage life. If you perform than only you get profit else loss is confirmed. All the work condition at workplace will remain favorable. You should avoid stress and try to interact with more and more people.


This a great time for you to do whatever you want, as destiny is with you. You enjoy spicy and tasty food in this period. Better to take care of your health, as there is possibility of facing minor health issues. It is hard for your enemies to harm you. Keep your anger in control.

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Feb, 18 2016 07:39 pm