Meen rashi


Business and Work Field – The first half of the year will be slightly favourable for you and you have to toil to achieve success. You will get unlimited support from friends and dear ones. You should be able to make good profits through business. You will come across important people. You should avoid multi-tasking. Also, you should concentrate while doing a work. The transit of Jupiter creates opportunities to secure a high position at work and enjoy financial gains too.

Wealth and property- This year brings good news for financial matters. If you make a little effort then you will never face any economic crisis. There are chances of increase in your income. You will reap economic gains through business dealings. The transit of Jupiter in the latter half of the year will create opportunities for wealth gain from your son.

Family and society- This year will remain slightly beneficial from the family point of view. There will be concern regarding a family member. Your father will enjoy very good monetary gains. But the health of your mother will because you tension. You might get good news regarding a close relative during the second half of the year. Family members will behave very nicely with you.

Health- Jupiter’s positioning in the 6th house might weaken your health. Physical energy will seem to decrease and you might suffer from stomach related ailments. Try to keep a check on your eating habits. Your spouse will take care of you in extraordinary manner.

Career and competitive examinations- The first half of the year is not very good for the students. There are low chances of getting the desired results in competitive examinations. Therefore, do not be careless in anything. There are chances of getting success after the month of July. It is the right period to take admission in a new course. There will opportunities to study in a place far away from your home town.

Travel and transfer- Jupiter’s aspecting on the 12th bhav and on the aspecting Saturn, in the first half of the year creates opportunities for a long foreign trip. For people in service, there are strong chances of transfer of work place. This transfer will prove beneficial for them.

Religious works and appeasing the planets- Offer water under a peepal tree early in the morning on Saturday and light a diya in the evening. Donate iron utensil on Saturday and do not cut hair or shave on this day. Donate rice to a beggar or poor person.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:42 pm