Mesh rashi


Business and Work Field – It is a very good year for business. You will be in search of a new business venture and meeting an experienced person will help you to give shape to your dreams. You will keep getting support from influential people of the society. As a result, you will achieve success in your professional life. Some of your opponents will try to trouble you after July. But you will be able to control them easily. You will get opportunities of associating with big companies.

Wealth and property- This year will remain favourable from a financial point of view and there will be constant cash flow. You will receive different kinds of gems and jewellery. There will be sudden economic gains too. If you are associated with the share market then you there are chances of getting huge gains. Blocked funds will be released soon.

Family and society- It is a great year for your family life. Happiness and peace will be there in the family. Those who want to have children are most likely to be blessed with a son. But Saturn’s aspect in the 3rd house will cause clashes between brothers. Also, there will be difference of opinion with father. Consider the suggestions and advice given to you by your family members while deciding on anything. Seek blessings from your elders and serve your parents.

Health- This year will be beneficial for your health. You will complete all the works with the help of your intellectual qualities. Except a few simple health troubles, you will enjoy good health throughout the year. Those who suffer from stomach related ailments and high blood pressure levels should take care of their health. Enjoy the sunrays every morning and do Surya Namaskar. The aspecting of Dragons head in the Lagna during the latter half of the year may cause physical problems for you.

Career and competitive examinations- It is a mixed year for students this year. Those who work hard will get extraordinary results. But people who have a careless attitude will face hurdles in their studies. The latter half of the year is good for students who want to take the competitive examinations. Students who want to study abroad will get slightly favourable results.

Travel and transfer- You will travel a lot in the first half of the year. People in service will have a transfer of work place and businessmen will experience a change of business. This change will be beneficial for both. There are possibilities of foreign tours during the latter half of the year by which you will reap economic gains.

Appeasing planets- Donate a besan laddoo at any holy place on Thursday. Respect your elders and serve your parents and saintly men. Keep a Laddoo Gopal at your house and offer your prayers to it every day.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:44 pm