Mithun rashi


Business and Work Field – The year will begin with financial profits. You will be in search of new avenues of business. There are possibilities of success in your efforts. Eighth Saturn by transit can cause mental stress and tension. You will get opportunities to work with renowned companies. People in service will get a chance of promotion or transfer of work place. The latter half of the year will bring difficulties for you but you will sail through smoothly with your potential and skill. Keep a check on your colleagues or staff members or else there might be losses. Transit of Jupiter will be favourable.

Wealth and property- From financial aspect, this year is profitable for you. Jupiter’s positioning in the second house results in sudden economic gains. Also, your money that is blocked will be released soon. You will spend money on religious works or pilgrimages. At times, you might suffer from tension. But this will not affect your daily routine at all. You will exhibit high energy levels in finding ways to enhance your economic position.

Family and society- This year is not too good from family point of view. You may have difference of opinion with your spouse. The latter half of the year will remain troublesome for mothers but on the other hand will prove to be good for fathers. There might be anxiety related to the health of children. As far as education is concerned, children will do well. Newly wedded couples will have a strong possibility of having children. There are possibilities of gains from brothers and friends in this period.

Health- It will not be a very good year for health. Seventh Saturn is most likely to bring about congestion, joint pain, arthritis and breathing troubles. You should take care of your health in this year. You need to pay attention to health and undergo medical check-ups from time to time. The favourable transit of Jupiter however will bring good health.

Career and competitive examinations- For students, this year will remain slightly unfavourable. You will get success after hard labour. You might lose interest in studies. With the favourable transit of Jupiter, your luck will be on your side. People in service will get help from their senior colleagues. This favourable period will result into promotions and economic gains.

Travel and transfer- The year will begin with tours for you. There are strong possibilities of foreign trips also. Religious people will fulfill their dream of going to pilgrimages. The transit of Dragon’s head (Rahu) and Jupiter will cause transfer of place for people in service but it will not be a very happy one.

Religious work and appeasing planets- Donate yellow clothes on Thursday and chant Rahu mantra on Wednesday

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Apr, 01 2015 01:47 pm