Monthly Stock Market Horoscope Reading for December 2016

Everyone is not a stock market player; but for some likeminded experts of the game, the whole proposition is quite appealing and exciting. So, for your benefit and aid, let us take a look at how your stock investments will deal this month as per your zodiac sign;


The movement of the planets will not been favourable and hence you cannot hope for a benefit in the markets this time around. Making a good choice will be difficult this month, while Wednesday or Monday will be very bad. You will also feel that no higher office or authority is supporting you during the time. It’s recommended that investments in public units and networking-communication should not be done.


This will not be a good financial month for you, as every investment you make will only add to your misery. However, the days of Friday, Wednesday and Tuesday will be good for you. In terms of opportunities, many new ventures will arrive. Do investments in communication, heavy based engineering and public units.


Some gains are on the horizon this month; however make sure your decisions are made with a fine margin line. The days of Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday will be good for you, and you will reach your month’s goals. Invest in new technologies and Fast moving goods.


Moderate benefits are in order this month, as you can take some risks. Friday, Thursday and Wednesday will be your days. Planets speak about promotion in your work too. Auto, Steel, refinery and entertainment are your sectors to invest in.

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Great benefits are in store for you this month, and you’ll also remain active and cheerful during it. Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday will good for you. You will not be able to make goals this month though. Banking, old economy and pharmaceuticals will not be your good sectors.


Some gains are expected this month as Friday, Monday and Tuesday will be good for you. Benefits can reap higher with thoroughness and objectivity. Also, expect growth professionally. Make stock decisions on Fmcg, public units, communication and old economy.


The month will not yield anything positive, as you will fail to catch chances. In particular, Monday and Wednesday will be bad; however professionally good luck will be with you. Make investments in public units, heavy engineering and communication stocks.


Big profits are predicted this month, as you will also make your plan concrete. Every day is good this month for market players, and you will also see value with your work. Invest in old economy stocks.


A windfall is predicted for investments this month, as you will ride the storm to reach the higher goals. Thursday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be good for you, as you will also get famous with your work. Communications, banks, public units and the sector of capital goods will be for you.


Some gains are predicted, as you can take some good risk this month in terms of investments. The days of Friday, Wednesday and Monday are going to be good for you, as you will also excel in your work life during the month. Make sure you invest in public units, auto and entertainment sector.


For investments, the month will be full of mixed bags. Do make your choices only after checking out the pros and cons. You can reap benefits on Friday and Wednesday but you will fail to gather help of higher authorities during the 7 days. Invest in pharmaceuticals and banks.


Good decent benefits are in store for you, as your caring and meticulous nature will allow you to reap profits. The days of Friday, Monday and Wednesday will be good for you; however you will still fail to reach goals professionally. Put money in pharma, banks, novelty-technological innovations  and refinery stocks

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Jan, 16 2016 07:12 pm