Rasi Palan 2016

New Year is the time when you need to take new resolutions, make new changes and take life in a new & better direction. Do you think that you really have the key for making a successful fortune in the year 2016? Don’t worry, as Rasi Palan 2016 is here to help you.


Mesham people will get moderate results in this year. Inspite of things remaining fine on professional basis, you may still suffer from lack of peace of mind. You need to work very hard in order to earn success and progress at workplace, throughout 2016. This is especially for people who are involved in service. Businessmen should postpone their plan for making huge investments and taking important decisions for some time. We know that you love to spend money, but now you should try to save some in this year for the sake of your future. There may be lack of affection and usual charm in your love life. It is same in the case of sex life also. Instead of getting involved in any arguments try to keep your mind cool & calm. Try to remain careful and controlled till the month of August, as good times will come after it.

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These people will be having a blast this year. It is very important to remain committed, loyal, affectionate and trustworthy to lead a blissful conjugal life. You need to keep these parameters alive in your relation in order to enjoy a beautiful time with your spouse. People involved in service will go through several ups & downs in their career. Regarding your love life, all the things will look perfect. Sharing great chemistry with your sweetheart, you will get even closer. The main thing that you should not forget throughout 2016 is to have control on your sexual desires. Be careful not to take any step that may result in birth of illegal relations. Everything looks wonderful by looking at your financial life. Luck is desperately on your side this year, so try to make ample wealth this year.


Midhunam natives will lead a fabulous married life in 2016. Love and concern between two of you will grow gradually. Your spouse will not share the same tuning with your loved ones and relatives. There is also a true saying ‘health is wealth’. It is very important as you need to understand this very carefully in 2016. You should not compromise with health, skip your meals or eat unhealthy as it has never helped anybody. Instead of making these mistakes try to eat the right diet. We suggest you to spend money in a planned and controlled manner. Your finances are bit unstable, so it is better to avoid taking debts or loans. For businessmen, profit is on the cards; but do not take help of any unfair means or illegal path. You will get pleasure from love life with which you will remain satisfied.


Starting with your predictions about love life, let us tell you that you will enjoy your personal life more than anything this year. But you may not share the same relation with your family members. You should remain very careful about your health life as well as financial life. Taking health issues lightly at this time may lead to major consequences. If you trust anybody blindly in money related matters then it might affect your finances for long time. You need to stay alert each and every second as strategies may be planned against you. Kadagam natives planning to change their job should start working more hard. There are high chances of getting a much better job as time is in your favor. Your responsibilities in work will increase along with raised income. You may fall in love with someone who belongs to other caste. As this is a serious affair, so try to keep your sensuality in control.

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Simmam natives will lead a fabulous time in the year 2016. You will progress in every dimension of life. Nothing can be better than this, right? You will enjoy sweet and cordial relation with your spouse, have strong connection with friends and also make lots of money, all these will happen to you. But you need to remain careful about your health, as you may gain weight. The only way to solve this is by avoiding junk food and fried stuff. You can also improve your health further by stopping alcohol consumption. Your savings will increase and monetary profits will enter your life. It does not matter whether you are serviceman or businessman, but financial profits are waiting for you this year. You will achieve fame, name and respect at your workplace. You will enjoy pleasant and charming love life with fragrance of affection throughout the year. Get ready to tie the knot this year, if you are unmarried. Lastly, sexual life will be really erotic this year.


Your life will be going through a rough patch this year. Your chemistry with spouse will remain disturbed, and there are also strong possibilities of discords with family members. Other than this, you may also suffer from some physical ailments. Try to value your health and do everything that is necessary to keep it stable. As Jupiter is in your twelfth house, so you will face lot of troubles. You can hope but don’t expect much from life till the month of August. After the end of this phase, your life will be filled with relief and betterment. One good thing is that you will gain stability in your professional life this year. Kanni natives dating someone will enjoy a pleasant love life. Do not over think as it often gives rise to false imaginations. Live a stress free life.


If you live in a nuclear family, everything is going to be great. You need to trust your partner and do not keep any doubt or negativity about them in mind. You might get annoyed because of your children due to which your relation may get affected. People involved in service will lead a stable professional life, while businessmen may come across unfavorable situations. Stay conscious about your finances after August, as they might increase tremendously after it. You may come across huge unexpected expenses. You must stay alert in matters of taking and giving money. Be loyal to your love rather than displaying your love.

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You need to coordinate with your spouse in every possible way throughout 2016. There will be lot of ups and downs in your personal life. You may get hurt by the bad behavior of your children. Instead of being lazy, do your work actively and energetically. Your progress and productivity will be affected if you waste your time in useless things. Act wisely in financial matters and spend money carefully. Don’t give place to misunderstandings and lack of trust if you want to live a blissful love life. It is a beautiful year for all married couples. You will enjoy sexual intimacy but do not get addicted to it.


People born under Rasi Dhanusu may get into familial discords. They may also face tiffs with siblings. Your health may get affected due to contaminated food. Natives involved in jobs will progress in their career. Try to keep control over your temper; otherwise it may affect your bonding with others. This behavior is important to keep things running smoothly with everyone. Be careful as someone may betray you in financial matters. This year is not that favorable for businessmen. Always stay away from illegal things or else it may put you behind the bars. Use your mind in the right direction rather than engaging in negative deeds.


Makaram natives may not get the required peace and happiness in their personal life. Try to avoid any sort of argument with your spouse, as it may disturb the harmony of family life. Always think before you speak. Saying things without thinking will give rise to major problems in future. You may suffer from health issues like headache, stress and indigestion. You will enjoy major profits in your financial life, if you are not going through Dasa of Ketu. You will gain major profits in your job. Many people will also get a better job. Businessmen will earn huge profits in their business. Love life will run according to your wish, so enjoy your dreams in real life.


Kumbam natives will lead a normal domestic life. Small arguments are a part of every home. The positioning of Jupiter in seventh house will not allow anything serious to happen. You may prefer to live alone for some time. Genital problems are possible. You may also face problem in brain. This year is favorable for financial matters. You will enjoy joyful moments with your friends. Control your emotions and don’t do anything which may harm you. 2016 is favorable for those involved into jobs. You will achieve fame, money, name and everything in your life. Your seniors and colleagues will appreciate your hard work and efforts. Businessmen will also earn profits. You will feel happy and satisfied with your love life this year.


People born under Rasi Meenam may face difficult times this year. Family life will not run smoothly. Be very careful about your ideas and actions. A single mistake can lead to major complications. Regarding your health, you should be very careful from issues associated with intestine, liver and kidney. Try to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle. You may have to face some complications in the beginning, if you have joined a new job, but situations will become normal soon. Try to face the problems instead of running away from them, as you will definitely achieve success. Your good performance at your workplace will lead to overall growth of your career. Businessmen will enjoy great success after the month of August. During this point of time, you will come across with new business partners. Pisceans, who are involved in business, will relish the taste of huge success after the month of August. Wait patiently till August for enjoying love and romance.

So this was the Rasi Palan 2016 astrology predictions. AstroCAMP wishes you a blissful future ahead.

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