Tula rashi


Business and Work Field – This year is beneficial for both people who are self-employed and for those who are in service. Jupiter aspecting on the seventh house and Saturn’s transit in the third house indicates the beginning of a new business venture. Professional work responsibilities will increase. People in service can expect a promotion this year. They will also receive love and support from many distinguished and respectable people.

Wealth and property- Financial position will remain very good this year. By your continuous effort, you will be able to save money. There are strong possibilities of finding out new techniques to earn more money. The transit of Jupiter in the house of benefit suggests financial benefits from friends and elders. If your money is blocked somewhere, it is time that you will get it without much hassle. However, Saturn’s aspecting in the Lagna bhav might bring in physical affliction and lead to unwanted expenditure.

Family and society- Family life will run smoothly this year. Due to the 7th aspect of Jupiter in 5th bhav, this year will be extraordinarily progressive for children. There are chances of auspicious occasions to be held at home for younger brother or sister. An environment of peace and happiness will prevail at home during this year. You will share a very good relationship with your elder brother or sister and they will progress in life. If there is any kind of legal dispute going on in the family, it will be sorted out amicably. Saturn’s aspect on 6th house might increase physical troubles such as knee pain, liver related ailments for your maternal uncle.

Health- Health will remain stable this year. Except for a few small problems, you will enjoy good health round the year. If you are suffering from a disease for a long time, then there are chances to get relief from it. However, Jupiter’s transit will enhance mental and physical tension. Give attention to your digestion and take a balanced diet. Stay away from having spicy and fried foodstuffs.

Career and competitive examination- This year is favourable for advanced studies. You will remain motivated to put in your best effort to reach your desired goal. Jupiter aspecting on the 5th bhav will increase concentration and interest for studying among students. The interest to discover something new in the field of science and technology will be enhanced. This year will be favourable to take a competitive examination as success is guaranteed. This year is also beneficial to join in a business related course.

Travel and transfer- It is not a favorably period for travelling particularly the 1st half. 3rd Saturn aspecting in Lagna and 7th bhav creates opportunities for foreign trip and transfer. However, this period is not too good for transfer of work place. The latter half of the year will remain more favourable for transfer. Travel and transfer remain favourable after 14. 7. 2015.

Religious work and appeasing the planets- Worship Lord Ganesha, donate green things to people, plant a tulsi plant in your house and worship it regularly. Donate toys to small children and serve cows.

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Apr, 01 2015 01:48 pm