Vrishabh rashi

VRISHABH  Rashi 2016

Business and Work Field – The first six months of the year are favourable for you. For people in service, there are chances of promotion. At times, you will get favours from your senior colleagues as well. By your skill and aptitude, you will be able to find a solution to most of your problems. You will also get opportunities to associate with big and renowned companies. Financial prosperity and success in business are strongly indicated for you during this year.

Wealth and property- From financial aspect, this year is slightly productive for you. There might be expenses related to medical treatment of any of your family members. However, you also have a chance to enjoy property related gains. Do not lend money to any family member during this period as there are chances that you might not get it back. Expenses will occur related to auspicious occasions at home or marriage. The latter half of the year will be more beneficial for you in terms of wealth.

Family and society- From the family point of view, this year is auspicious for you. Take special care of your parents and make arrangements for their regular medical check-up. Yoga can be extremely beneficial to attain good health. Due to the presence of Jupiter, health issues such as obesity, congestion and diabetes might occur. Transit of Saturn in the 8th position may cause health troubles for your family members as a result of which you will have to spend money for their treatment. This will increase your mental stress.

Health- Health will not be too good in the first half of the year. You need to take extreme care in this regard. Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle. The transit of Jupiter will prove to be favourable for you as Jupiter in 5th results into all kinds of gains. Health will be restored with the ninth aspect of Jupiter. As a result, mental peace and positive thoughts will also increase.

Career and competitive exams- This year indicates travelling to far-off places for developments in career. Jupiter’s transit from the fifth bhav indicates success in competitive exams. However, it will only happen after hard work.

Travel and transfer- There are strong possibilities of your transfer to a place far from your home town. Foreign trips are also likely to happen. These trips will be beneficial for you in terms of economic gains. After the month of July, Jupiter’s favourable transit will cause pilgrimages and trips to holy places as well.

Religious deeds and appeasing planets- Take blessings from your elders. Serve your parents, teachers and saintly persons. Donate an iron utensil (iron plate or griddle) to the poor. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sundarkand to appease adverse planets.


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Apr, 01 2015 07:05 pm