Vrishchik rashi

VRISHCHIK Rashi 2016

Business and Work Field – From the business point of view this year gives mixed results. For success in business, you have to keep doing hard work. Keep a check on your words in your professional life; failing which, you might have to face problems.
In the latter half of the year, a meeting with an experienced person will be a turning point for your business. You might go for a long business tour. This trip will be fruitful for you. During this period, do not sign on any important documents without reading it thoroughly. Restrain yourself from taking risks.

Wealth and property- This year will be very successful from the financial aspect. There are chances to be relieved from old debts. However, there will be expenses related to any requirement of your spouse. Also, there will be expenses in buying your new home or plot of land. For businessmen, there are chances of foreign investment. For farmers and other small vendors, this year will give good returns.

Family and society- From family point of view, this year will have mixed results. Jupiter aspecting on the second house will cause a peaceful environment at home. You will also get support from your family members. You might accompany your family to a pilgrimage. There will be new members in your family. But the transit of Jupiter will not be good for you as Saturn is unfavourable. Failure of fulfilling expectations might trigger clashes between you and your family members after the month of July in this year.

Health- Health wise, this year is not very good due to the presence of Saturn in the 2nd and Dragons head Lagna in the 12th house. The inauspicious effect of these positions will cause diseases which although will not be severe in nature but will weaken your health. During this period, you can concentrate your mind in practicing meditation and other yogic techniques. This will energize you and help to restore health.

Career and competitive examination- For students, this year gives mixed results. The first half of the year being not so favourable will cause loss of interest in studies. Care should be taken while joining in any new course as a wrong move might badly affect your financial as well as learning capacity. It is a good time for students who want to go abroad for studies. Success in competitive examinations is assured after July.

Travel and transfer- From the travelling point of view, this year is favourable. Dragon’s head in the 12th house creates opportunities for sudden foreign trips. However, Saturn is not favourable for travelling this year, so there are chances of losing your things while travelling. Therefore, take caution while travelling. For people in service, there are chances of transfer of work place.

Religious work and appeasing planets- Donate acceptable sari to a widow. Make arrangements for the marriage of a poor girl. Mix cow milk in the bath water and bathe with it. Worship Goddess Lakshmi.

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Apr, 01 2015 07:07 pm