Jupiter Transit in Libra – date 12 September 2017 – Guru Graha Gochar Predictions Get Now

Jupiter Transit in Libra – date 12 September 2017 – Guru Graha Gochar Predictions Get Now

Jupiter Transit in Libra date 12 September 2017 to 11 October 2018

Horoscope Predictions for 2017 to 2018

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Jupiter Transit 2017 – Jupiter Transit in Libra– Jupiter gochar 2017 – Brihaspti Gochar 2017 – Guru Graha Rashi Parivaratan 2017

The main significate of wealth, child and marriage is believed to be Jupiter. In the person, healthy life and quality of living is imbued by this planet. In 2017, the planet Jupiter will transit through the 12 zodiac signs and this will have major impact on all the signs. So here are the details as how this transit is going to affect you and your loved ones in the year 2017.


The Jupiter is lord of  9th and 12th house  by which fortune, fame and expenses, hospitals and bed comforts are symbolized respectively. The challenges and legal disputes that might be there in your way are presaged by this transit. Be careful in the property and law-order related matters. In the married life, you might have to face certain problems till September as from your moon sign, Jupiter will be 6th house. Try to be as patient and gentle as possible with your partner to avoid further problems. After September, there is fortunate time for the unmarried ones in which they can find their ideal partner. Worship to Lord Shiva must be offered as a remedy.


The Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th house , that symbolizes longevity, transformation and gains, income, achievements respectively. Form your moon sign, the position of Jupiter will be in the 5th house that makes the transit fruitful for you. For you, Jupiter bears fortune and good luck that will result in increase in your earnings. This year will be bright for the students and they will get great results and studies will be good. The person might also feel inclined towards religious deeds. There might be certain health issues after September for the natives. Weight gin might arise as a problem so keep a check on it and take balanced diet. As a remedy, donate clothes and silver to pundits.

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The Jupiter is lord of  7th and 10th house , that signifies partnerships, spouse and karma, profession respectively. This year, your personal life will be amazing as from the moon sign, Jupiter is there in the 4th house. At home there will be harmonious and lively environment. This year, your loved ones will amuse you with their love. You wise decisions will result in recognition and success at work place. You might also feel interested in the events of charity. You might get married to your beloved after September as Jupiter is moving in the 5th house. This year will bring fame, name and glory for you overall. As a remedy, help the sadhus and pundits this year.


The Jupiter is lord of 9th and 6th houses ,that signifies fortune, fame and enemies, struggle and diseases respectively. Form your moon sign, the planet will be in the 3 rd house that predicts blissful marital life ahead.  Most of the time will be spent together by you and your partner due to a strengthened bond. As a remedy, pulses must be donated.


The Jupiter is lord of  5th and 8th houses,  this signifies children, education and longevity, transformation respectively. This year, there will be a sacred ceremony such as child birth or marriage due to the transit at your home. In this duration, your career will be at boom. There will be bliss in the marital life as well and you will receive great support from the partner. This year will also prove to be lucky for the unmarried people who are looking forward to get married. As a remedy, offer worship to Goddess Durga.

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In your horoscope, the lord of 4th and 7th house is Jupiter that symbolizes vehicle, mother, happiness and partnerships, spouse respectively. Since in your moon sign, Jupiter will be there therefore the year will prove to be great for you. You will earn monetary gains with your intellect. Attention is required in education related matters. Avoid getting overconfident and downfall might be resulted by this. You will be inclined towards religion and spirituality after September.  As a remedy, pundits must be donated yellow clothes.


The Jupiter is lord of  3rd and 6th house , that symbolizes efforts, siblings, communication and enemies, struggle and diseases respectively. From your moon sign, Jupiter is located in the 12th house that might result in expenses this year. There might be trouble due to long term diseases. There are number of opportunities coming in your way that you might lose due to careless attitude. As a remedy, service must be offered to poor people.

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The Jupiter is lord of  2nd and 5th house,  that signifies family, wealth, speech and children and education respectively. Yours skills will get sharpen this year and you will shine in education as well. With the help of education, you will also get monetary gains this year. Your loved ones will make you happy and you will enjoy strong relationships. Health of child might be a reason for concern so take care of that. Nurse the elderly people as a remedy.


The Jupiter is lord of 1st-  ascendant and 4th house, that signifies personality, character, longevity and vehicle, mother and happiness respectively. There are high chances for your getting hike in job or work place this year.  Your senior officials will admire your efforts. Glory and fame will be enjoyed this year by you. In the relationships of married native there might be certain problems. As a remedy, regularly water a peepal tree.

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The Jupiter is lord of  3rd and 12th houses,  that signifies efforts, siblings, communication and losses, expenses, hospitals respectively. Religious trips and long journeys are possible this year. Do not get afraid of failures as there is a bright side of everything. There are high chances of income rise from foreign sources. There might be certain problems in career after September for you and the financial condition might also face little shakes. As a remedy, almonds must be hand out at temples.


The Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 11th houses, that signifies family, wealth, speech and gains, income and achievements respectively. This year, there are chances of loss in position and wealth due to the position of Jupiter in the 8th house from the moon sign.  You might feel inclination towards religious deeds and activities. Avoid eating outside as this might bring health related issues for you this year.  There will be good fortune for you after the month of September and you will enjoy good times. As a remedy, non vegetarian food must be avoided.


The Jupiter is lord of 1st –  ascendant and 10 the house, that signifies personality, character, longevity and karma, profession respectively.  This year, you will enjoy blissful married life and from your moon sign, Jupiter is placed in the 7th house. This year, you will also spend happy times with your partner and the bond between you two will also get stronger. There are chances of promotion or hike in salary at workplace. Your efforts will not go unnoticed and your work will be praised by the seniors at the workplace. The health might have certain issues so take care of that. Follow a balanced diet to avoid any type of concerns related to health.  As a remedy, help the poor people.

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