Mercury transiting Horoscope Reading for December 2016 and January 2017

There will be a major change in the planetary positions on December 2016 as mercury will transit to Capricorn. People might the wonder about the consequences of this movement. Will this lead to one’s success or to one’s downfall? Read the horoscope to clear your doubts about the horoscope.

Vedic Astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar provide you complete predictions for Mercury Transit. Mercury will change its position and move to Capricorn on December 2016. People will face changes in their lives because of this planetary change. Here are the predictions of horoscope about this transit. It will take in this Rashi sign till January 2017

Aries the aries people will enjoy profits due to the movement of the third house lord and sixth house lord to the tenth house. The working skills of the people with this ascendant sign will sharpen. Not just working skill, their talks will become much more influential. Time will support the love life of these people. Aries people will have a cordial relationship with the members of the family. If going through pratyantar dasha, health might get affected. The efforts will improve and will be benefited. Time is on the side of students. Time is also supportive for objective exams.

Taurus time is good for accumulation of wealth. The efforts should be continued. There is a chance that the ascendants of this sign might develop an interest in writing. Even reading books will be a good consideration. People might read books regarding history, travel and tourism, religion or even politics. If there is a follower, there is a good chance that he might visit his guru or follower. New agreements might be accomplished. This transit will bring internal peace and happiness to the people bearing Taurus as their ascendant sign.

Gemini– transition of the ascendant lord to the eighth house will be the reason of problems. However things will be on the track before people might expect as mercury does not stay in a sign for much longer. Keeping the mentality energetic during this time is necessary. There are chances of health issues and allegations are a probability. Controlling of deeds and speech are recommended. Pay attention to what others say and use that to find solution to problems. Recitation of Vishnu Shastranam will help in bringing bliss.

Cancer– there is a possibility of expenses on family member which is a good thing. There will be a mental happiness. But there are also chances of indecisiveness. It is better to get rid of this indecisiveness and approach to quick decisions.

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Leo normal concerns regarding health is a possibility. Time is supportive in the case of changing a job. Distance journeys might be avoided as the chances of profit will be less. Do not give up. Instead deliver to the potential as that will bring success. Luck will be supportive and the endeavours will be accomplished. It is good in trying not to stop the efforts and get affected due to this.

Virgo– time is favorable for advising others. But ego must be controlled. People with Virgo as there sunsign will spend good time with friends which will profitable in the financial point of view. Be sure of helping them in both verbal as well as real help. Time will be supportive for people having interest in media and arts.

Libra family members will be in harmony. There are chances of financial expenses for home rejuvenation. If a tenant and is planning to change, then time will be supportive. Because of the ninth house lord aspecting to the tenth house, works will be easier. Personal life will be great. Love life will also be satisfactory. Expenses need to be controlled.

Scorpio– there is a chance of sad news coming from siblings. Communication skills will show improvement. Relation will improve with people in the surroundings. A professional tour in close proximity is a possibility. There is a chance of accomplishing deals. Acceptance of suggestions from elders is suggestive as that will be much profitable. Charity must be accepted. Rise of energy will be experienced as that will help in the forward movement of life.

Sagittarius Mercury signifies wealth. That is because it resides in the tenth house. Money will come from deeds and when the movement is in a different house, money will come to the native. Therefore it will be profitable for the people who are descendant of Sagittarius. But although there are financial profits to be seen, there are chances of mental stress. It is required to spend quality time with love life and spend some money. This transit will be fruitful if mercurys pratyantar dasha is going on.

Capricorn the transit of mercury will be fruitful and will be fortunate for the people whose ascendant lord is Capricorn as the transit will take place in the constellation of mars. If there are any incomplete endeavors, which come under the lordship of mercury or its antar or pratyantar dasha, it must be completed. There is a great possibility of success. Businessmen in the business of property will be very much successful. Personal as well as family life will remain blissful.

Aquarius time is favorable for returning of money. There are chances of visiting elsewhere because of some sort of important work. There is a great possibility of profits. Things will be fine from the workfront and the improvement of relationship with all is foreseen. But chances are there for complicacies in love life. Enemies will fail to harm. If going through antar or pratyantar dasha, of mercury, this transit will be highly fruitful. If no sort of dasha or antardasha, extreme benefits cannot be expected.

Pisces the love life will intensify. Financial benefits will be enjoyed from expected sources. Performance at workfront will be good. Friends will be supportive and financial advantage is a possibility with the chances of buying new things. Luck is favorable, so it is good to keep up the effort.

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