Sun transit in October 2016 & its effects

Sun transit in October 2016 & its effects

Sun is regarded as the king of planets. In the month of October 2016, it will remain in the Virgo house till 17th October 2016 and after this, it will change its position to Libra. Sun transit in the planet Virgo makes people to work with more energy and dedication. It has a dual nature, earthy, and a female sign, hence, due to the transit people may some health issues. The effect of sun transit in Virgo for the month of October is as follows.


This transit of sun is beneficial for you. The people with Aries zodiac sign will have to face few health issues and love relationship problems. But you can easily cope with any of the situation and fight with the problem alone. It is advised to not drive a vehicle at a fast speed.


The time is in favor of the Taurus zodiac sign people. You can easily resolve any problem and get out of the most difficult situations. You are liable to get benefitted from your senior officials. All the legal matters will get solved in your favor. It is advisable to avoid the wastage of money on entertainment.


Your mind will be distracted and more arguments are likely to occur with the people. You should listen to the sayings of your elders and follow them. Friends’ help you in solving your problems; you are just needed to share your problem with them.


You should respect both the younger and older people of your family, as unity is the only tool with which you can conquer any problem. You should also maintain good relations with neighbors. Try to make more and more positive contacts with the people and make relations.


This is the best time for you to invest. You should buy gold or any other thing as per your ability. You may face some health issues like as headache, problem in the eyes etc. It’s better to consult a doctor than referring to the people’s advice of natural therapy. Try to avoid insulting others and be happy.


Stop wasting money on the luxuries and leisure. You should try to live for the happiness of others once. You may face some health issues. Thus, it is advised to keep check on your blood pressure and anger. You are supported by the friends and family in the hard times.

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Go out on vacations some time as you badly need it. In the month of October, the sun transit is in your favor. You may find lag in your performance, but this is not permanent. If your family asks to go somewhere else then doesn’t ignore them. Just go out and enjoy.


You should avoid stress of work as this is a great time when every work will get done automatically. The time is in your favor. All your seniors and friends will help you. Try to complete the halted tasks first then start up with the new one. Feel good and Stay gentle.


You should try to join the old broken links, this will surely benefit you. Take part in the cultural and spiritual activities, it will help you to remain fresh and feel positive. The time is in your favor to take best out of it. You can handle any problem with ease and cope with any situation.


Everything will get alright; you are just needed to face the initial difficulties with a positive approach. It is better to avoid making major life decisions at this time. It is possible that luck may not support you, but all works will get performed easily. You should take care of your laptop and mobile phones.


Be attentive and take care of your personal life events. You receive gifts and money from the in-laws. It is more probable that the unknown person will help you and with them you move ahead. You are also needed to take care of your health and especially the eating habits.


Problems will arise in the personal life of people with the Pisces zodiac sign. But you should avoid the mental stress as everything will become right as the time passes. If you feel more stressed then you should go out for the vacations. Try to face the problem instead of ignoring it.

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