How to do Hanuman Puja on Jayanti date Process of Hanuman Jayanti Pujan


 Doing Hanuman Puja can give you many benefits and positive effects

It is very important for every Hindu to perform a puja and get the required blessings from any god. Because, the blessings will be in terms of getting positive results about the things you would need from life. And, you can also get rid of various negative effects of your life if you perform specific pujas which are meant to eradicate the bad effects. One such type of puja is the Hanuman Puja. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman is a one of the most powerful deity and he was blessed, and given powers in some cases, my many other gods. He is the son of Wind God and it was Lord Hanuman that helped God Rama to defeated Ravana in Lanka. Lord Hanuman is also known as Santakmochan God (God of removing troubles) and PawanPurta (Son of Wind). He is also known as,AnjaniPurta (Son of Devi Anjani), Bajrang Bali (name given to him to describing his super strengths), Maruti and various other names.


Significance Of hanuman Pujan

It is said and believed that Lord Hanuman is the god who can get rid and remove of any evil spirits in the world. This is why, various followers of Lord Hanuman worship him, so that they can get free from all the evil and negative spirits they may possess or which is affecting them.


When we can do hanuman Pooja

Every year, Hanuman jayanti is celebrated by many Hindus. Hanuman Puja is done on this auspicious day to get blessings form the lord, as, on this day, Lord Hanuman was born. According to the Hindu calendar, this date falls in thepurnima in chaitra month. The day fell on 22  April 2016 Friday last year . Saturdays and Tuesdays are the two prominent days of the Lord Hanuman. In these two days, people worship the lord whilst sometimes keeping a fast. Moreover, you can offer puja to Lord Hanuman every single day of the weekend without any condition.

How to worship and perform hanuman Puja Online

The powers of internet have nowadays also allowed us to offering puja online and get blessings of the lord. There are many pandits that are offering this convenient service to the devotees and one can choose this option to pray to the lord. You will get all the materials of the puja later on after the puja is completed and what’s more you will get pictures and video footage too.


What is the Hanuman puja process?

First it is essential to collect all the things you need for the puja and then lay a red cloth on a chowki. Keep the photo of the Lord on the chowki and pray to lord ganesha first. Lit a diya and an incense stick and offer puja to Hanuman ji. After this, offer flowers, then sacred water and gudchana to the lord hanuman. After this recite the mantras which is meant the lord.


What is Rituals Puja vidhi for hanuman mantra Jap?

You must offer orange sindoor (tilal) to the idol of God Hanuman can chant the mantra;

“AumShriRamdutHanumateNamahGandham Samar payami”

What is Importance of hanuman puja?

He is the remover of all troubles and he will make sure you have a life which is free of all troubles if you worship him.

What is Mantra for hanuman puja?

There are various stories that are dedicated to Lord Hanuman and his endevours. Devotees should also chantHanuman Chalisa as a ritual for getting bestowed with blessings from Lord Hanuman.


What are benefits and effects of hanuman puja?

Lord Hanuman will drive away all the evil and dark spirits away from your life if you worship him from your heart. He is the god who keeps away all troubles and problems from a worshipper’s life.

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