Prosses of baglamukhi pooja

Bagalamukhi goddess blesses with protection and help

 Significance of BagalamukhiPujan

If you perform the Bagalamukhi Puja, it said that offering this Puja and homa to goddess BagalaMukhi acts like a shield to stop your enemies from hurting you in any way possible.It is also said that if you perform this puja and homa, you can get solutions to all your legal problems and legal hindrances. It is also said that the puja will protect you from any bad accidents or incidents and it will also protect you from blood loss related accidents or any unnatural circumstance deaths. In short if you perform this pujan, you are sure to be protected from all unnatural happenings in your life. It is believed that a devotee performs this pujan; the goddess bagalamukhi will act as a vicious weapon against all the people who have any sort of bad or ill feelings with the devotee. Mata Bagalamukhi’s worship is also called as the PitambraVidya puja. This is because of the importance of the color yellow in her puja.

When we can do BagalamukhiPooja

When you want to remove all your enemies from your life perform the Bagalamukhipujan. It is also done when you are stuck in a crucial court case or in an important legal matter. The goddess will help you out in this situation.

How to worship and perform Bagalamukhi Puja Online

There are various web sites and web pages which gives you the luxury to perform pujas online. These web pages are designed in a way which offers full satisfaction to a devotee’s aspirations. These web sites offer many pujas and Bagalamukhi puja is one of the pujas which is offered on the internet. A person just has to book and select the type of puja he or she wishes to do. The online service will perform the requested puja and give you the mental satisfaction. The pictures of the puja and all the related astro findings will be given to you later on in hard copy. The live streaming of the puja will also be done so that the devotee can easily be part of the puja and also see it happening.


What is the Bagalamukhi puja process?

In BagalamukhiPujan the significane of the color yellow is must. This is because of the when goddess bagalamukhi first met Lord Shiva, she was wearing everything yellow.So, hence, in the pujanyellow flowers petals, yellow seat and sitting platforms, yellow flower garland and yellow clothes are used.

What are the Rituals Puja for the vidhi for Bagalamukhi mantra Jap?

Chanting of the mantra is very important. You have to chant the mantra one lakh twenty five thousand times in 11, 21, 36 or 40 days. This is accordance to your convenience.

What is Importance of Bagalamukhi puja?

 If goddess is pleased, then you are sure to get out of various issues and problems from life. The goddess has the ability which can turn your foe into friends, and this is very vital for many situations in a person’s life. Goddess bagalamukhi has the power to turn things into opposite. For example; she can turn ignorance in to wisdom, loss to a win, poor to rich, selfish people to unselfish. She has the ability to showcase the real people, i.e. the actual face of the people, and hence save us from various and many wrong doings.

What is Mantra for Bagalamukhi puja?

It is called the Baglamukhi mantra and it has to be recited by a devotee to gain the blessings of the goddess.

 What are benefits and effects of BagalamukhiPuja?

 She will destroy and dismantle all the devotee’s enemies. The goddess will paralyze the bad person’s, or persons’, speech ability. She will also devastate the mind and the intelligence of the bad person. The goddess bagalamukhi will attack the bad intensions of the enemy and kill the intension. She also has the ability to destroy the black magic effect, if any, for the devotee who is offering puja to her. She also has the ability to destroy any evil eyes or bad intensions rays given out by many jealous people in a person’s life.

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