Prosses of Ganesha Chaturthi Pujan

 Perform Ganesh Puja to remove all obstacles from your life

Worshipping a god is in the traditions of every person. If you pray, you are surely going to get bestowed and blessed by the gods above. Doing pujan also helps you to keep yourself calm and tranquil, because puja requires your mind to be in a peaceful position. You can offer many types of puja and you can pray towards many types of gods, all of the pujas have different significant to each other. One such puja is the Ganesha Puja. Ganesh Puja is done by every Hindu, and it a puja to worship lord Ganesha, the elephant headed god. Lord Ganesh is the also known as the remover of problems of a person’s life.He is also the lord of beginnings, i.e. we do Ganesha puja or chant the Ganesha god’s name we start anything auspicious. Lord Ganesha, or Lord Vinayaka as he is also known as, is also known to be the god of wisdom and intellect. Ganesh Pujan has various tenets and outcomes, let us look at all those tenets.

 Significance ofGanesha Puja

As we know, doing puja has means getting various blessings from gods. Every puja has some unique significance, even Ganesha Puja has some. It is said that if you perform the Ganesh Puja, it is believed that worshipping you are certain to be bestowed with good luck from the Lord. Ganesh is lord of prosperity and hence if you worship him you, and of course you family and near and dear once, are certainly going to get prosperity and happiness in life. This is why; performing Ganesh Puja has become a must for many people.


When we can do Ganesh Puja:

You can certainly do Ganesh Puja everyday if you want, as many people worship Lord Ganesha every day. In fact, before doing any puja of any god, Ganesha god is the first god that is worshipped by a devotee. Ganesha Puja festival, or Ganesh chaturti also has a specific time in the year. It is held in the Hindu calendar month of Bhaadra, which begins on the shuklachaturthi (4th day of the moon period). This time generally is between 19th of August and 20th of September. The puja stays for 10 days, ending on AnantChaturdashi, which is also the 14th of the moon (on a waxing period)

How to worship and perform GaneshaPuja Online

With the technology advancement, it is now possible to perform the ganesha puja online and worship the lord over the internet. An online puja is as same as the original traditional puja and you will get the absolute same blessings from lord ganesha. Since, lord ganesha is the god of intellect; it will be more than appropriate if you worship him online. Online Ganesha puja is my many websites offering this convenience, there will perform the puja with an experienced pandit too.

The Ganesha puja process:

You have first offer scented water to the lord ganesha’s idol. Then you have to recite the ganesha prayers, give rice and deep. Then you have to offer the lord a paan of a leaf which should contain betal nuts. Aarti is followed after this. Lastly you have to do Utthapana if you a have idol installed at home.

What is Rituals Puja vidhi for ganeshamantra jap

Chanting the ganesha mantra written in the vedas and puranas is a ritual which you have to follow.

Nirvighnamkurumey Deva SarvakaaryeshsuSarvadaa”

This is one of the mantra which you can jap as per the rituals.

What is Importance of GaneshaPuja?

The ganesha puja is done for the bestowing you, and of course your family, with the luck, you need, to clear all your problems or tests in life.

 What is Mantra forGaneshaPuja?

You can perform the GaneshaGayatri Mantra for the praying the lord.

Thannokala yoga shodasaganapathiprachodaya “

 What are benefits and effects of GaneshaPuja?

The main benefit is the prosperity and luck will be bestowed upon to you by the lord. All your problems and obstacles will be removed too, by godGanesha, if you pray to him.

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