Prosses of Rudra Puja

Significance of Rudra Puja

Worshipping God with a dedicated heart can fulfil all your desires. It is the most unique activity that can offer peace and mental satisfaction. Rudra puja is an ancient practice of Indian people and they follow this puja as one of their important customs. It has been practiced since the history and people always keep looking forward to it every year. Rudra is another name of Shiva and it means anger. Basically Rudra is the angry form of Lord Shiva. He is the benevolent as well as the destroyer of evil. So, people worship him to destroy the evil forces of the society and give back a peaceful, safe society to the people. It is known as the one of the greatest pujas from the Vedic period to remove darkness from the world. Lord Rudra helps people to fulfil their desires and get prosperity in life.

When to do Rudra puja?

Rudra puja is performed in the rainy season especially. This falls in Shrabon Maas or month according to the Hindu calendar. As per the English calendar, the Shrabon Maas starts from the middle of the July month. This puja is celebrated for three days. There are several different types of rituals that you have to perform to carry out the puja successfully. The last day o this puja is the most important day as people celebrate this day with grand arrangements.

How to perform the Rudra puja?

To worship Lord Rudra you have to make a crystal “linga” of him. To perform this puja it is very important to know the mantras. There are different types of mantras and each mantra gets absorbed in some materials such as curd, milk, honey, ghee etc. the Brahmins chanted the mantras dedicatedly to their Lord. All these materials are also used in the puja as offerings. Then the Brahmins offer this to Lord Shiva with gratitude, love and reverence. Brahmins who are specially trained and the students of veda can perform this puja.

Rudra puja process:

Rudra Puja is also very complicated as it involves fasting. People organize this puja elaborately and they walk miles after miles in bare feet to pour milk on the “linga” of Lord Shiva. The devotees keep fast for one full day. They have chanted the mantras to their lord and offer curd, honey, milk and ghee. Without flowers and leaves it is not possible to complete the puja. As Lord Rudra is the image of a destroyer of the evils so by worshipping him we get strength and power to fight with everyday issues. After pouring milk on Lord Rudra the devotees break their fast and eat food.


The rituals of Rudra Puja:

Like every other puja Rudra puja is also celebrated by following some important rituals. When you are offering your prayer to Lord Rudra then you have to organize the entire place with flowers and leaves. Pouring milk on Lord Rudra is a very ancient process of worshipping him. Without this process the puja remains incomplete. With chanting the pure mantras you have to complete the puja.

Importance of Rudra puja:

We live in a world of happiness. But due to some evil forces the positivity of our life lost somewhere. So, we pray to Lord Rudra to save us from the negative energy and transform all the depressed, evil and uncanny forces into peace, joy and prosperity. To make a peaceful world, people worship to Lord Shiva.

Mantra for Rudra puja:

OM Hum Hum Satrustambhanaya Hum Hum OM Phat

OM Shrim Hrim Shrim Sarva Mangalaya Pingalaya OM Namah

OM Aim Aim Mano Vanchita Siddhaye Aim Aim OM

OM Rudraya Roganashaya Agacha cha Ram OM Namah

Benefits of Rudra puja:

By worshipping Lord Rudra it is possible to get his blessings and live a happy and wonderful life. This puja helps you to get prosperity in life and if you are facing troubles then it will remove all your stress and give you strength

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