Jupiter is the lord of planets or Guru Graha. Hence the transit of Guru Graha will exert strong effects on the zodiac signs. You should know the effect of Jupiter before getting the knowledge of puja for Guru Graha transit 2017. This is the special puja of Jupiter during its transit. In the next year Jupiter will be on the Leo till 11th day of August 2017. The transit from Cancer to Leo will play important roles to control the zodiac signs. Hence you have to go for the Guru Graha puja wisely to overcome the problems and make your life with positive results. On the other hand the Nenus or Shukra is known as the auspicious planet. This planet rules Taurus and Libra. It is strong in Pisces and weak in Virgo. Shukragraha denotes the marriage, love, karma, and so on. The transit of Shukragraha will affect the personal relationship. Hence to make your personal life free from any bad effect of the transit of Shukragraha you should follow the puja for Shukra graha transit 2017.

The transit of Guru Graha: Good for Some Signs

The transit of Jupiter will be good for five zodiac signs in the next year. However the effect of Saturn will lower the god effect of Guru Graha transit. The five signs are:

  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius
  • Libra
  • Aries

The Transit of Jupiter: Bad for Some Signs

The Guru Graha transit will have exert bad effect on some zodiac signs, however this time the effect of Saturn will protect the signs from the strong effect of Jupiter. The zodiac signs are:

  • Capricorn
  • Scorpio
  • Pisces
  • Gemini

On the other hand the remaining two signs, the Virgo and the Taurus will experience mixed results due to the Guru Graha transit.

 The Importance of Jupiter Transit

Jupiter is the ruling planet and so there will be the good results if the ruling planet will be in the favourable conditions. Hence the transit of the Guru Graha is very important in astrology. Usually this planet is a subhagraha. It has important effects on achieving the best results in your life. You will get strong results regarding marriage, born of new life, buying property, success in academic and professional career, and so on.

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The Shukragraha Puja

As per the astrological opinion the Shukragraha is a very good Graha and beneficial for the person naturally. This Graha is the lord of Taurus and Libra. This Graha is important the aspects of personal life like marriage, love, affair, affection, sex, and so on. Hence if you will praise this Graha your personal life will be happy. You will get a happy married life and good results in love and affairs. You should follow the points regarding the puja for Shukragraha transit 2017:

  • You should worship Laxmi
  • Chanting of Shukra mantra
  • Recitation of Devi stuti
  • You should recite wisely the Shukra stotra
  • You should keep fast on Friday
  • You may take the Diamond as your lucky gemstone
  • Click here for shukr grah pooja

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