In the next year Rahu and Ketu will transit or change their positions from the month of January. The transit of the Rahu and Ketu will put effects of the zodiac signs. The transit will bring problems in health, wealth, career, and so on in the next year. So you should be careful about the transit. You should follow the rituals of the puja for Rahu Ketu transit 2017 carefully to be able to overcome the problems due to the transition effects. On the other hand the Budhgrah transit will also bring some problems due to the illusion in the respective signs. You have to also perform the puja for Budh grah transit 2017 wisely to make your life free from turmoil.

The Rahu Ketu Transit Effect on the Zodiac Signs

On the last day of January of the next year Rahu will be on Leo and Ketu will enter Aquarius. This transit will affect each zodiac sign accordingly. Just take a look on the effects of the transit on the zodiac signs.


  • Aries: Rahu will reside on the 5th house of Aries which affects the students, businessmen. The students will face obstacles in education and they will lose their concentration in study. The newly married women will face the problem of miscarriage due to the transition of Rahu and Ketu.


  • Taurus: In the next year Rahu will be in the second house and Ketu will reside in the house of Karma. If you are the native of this sign you will be facing negative results for all efforts.


  • Gemini: The natives of Gemini will not face any unwanted misery due to the transit because there will be a favourable transit of Mercury.


  • Cancer: During this transit the natives of the sign will face the problems regarding the monetary aspects. The natives will be directed to the wrong direction relating to their career and business.
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  • Leo: The Leo natives will face problems from many sides.


  • Virgo: They will experience a mixed result regarding their own life. They will be saved by Lord Shiva.


  • Libra: There will be no such major effects due to the transit of Rahu and Ketu.


  • Scorpio: the natives will experience bad effects on career, business, education, and so on.


  • Sagittarius: The natives will face problems regarding their destiny and fate.


  • Capricorn: The natives will face huge difficulties in financial life.


  • Aquarius: You should be careful about your partner in business.


  • Pisces: The natives will face illness and problems relating to their health.

The Online Puja for Budh grah

The planet Budh is ruled by Lord Buddha. He is actually the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Hence when you praise Budh, you are praising Lord Vishnu and you will be blessed by Lord Vishnu. This puja is done on Wednesday. This planet controls the nervous system. Hence any problem created in this planet will affect the nervous system. Then you will be suffered from disorders of the nervous system. Hence you will have to make happy Lord Vishnu to praise the planet.

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