Selfie style according to your zodiac sign

Selfie style according to your zodiac sign

 Looking steadily into your smartphone by holding it at a few inches above the level of your eye and taking a pose in order to get that perfect look and then click. Well, now a new phenomenon named selfie has emerged in which the person, clicking the picture is also an important part of it. Your zodiac sign is an important factor which plays a vital role in determining the kind of selfie that you would  most likely post on your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Instagram accounts. Read the information provided below to know more:-

Aries: Your selfies describes that you have a strong ambition. You should click a selfie which reflects the power and authority of a politician and achievement like that of an astronaut.

Taurus: Generally your selfies are a reflection of your love for humanity. Inspite of being a practical and down to earth natured person, you should take your selfies in a luxurious setting, and most preferably with a group of people.

Gemini: Your selfies are very witty, sarcastic and creative. They have dual or multiple meanings in the same way by which you communicate with people.

Cancer: Your best selfies are those which are shot at your favourite restaurant, with your family or cousins in a homely environment. Your strong bonding with your family is perfectly reflected in your pictures and gives an additional charm to it.

Leo: Your selfies can be best described by the word ‘dramatic’. You prefer to post selfies which have a regal expression. You are a creative person, but you do not possess the same courage to show it in your pictures. You play safe with pictures where your diplomatic expressions are reflected clearly.

Virgo : Your selfie is likely to be a perfect one. You give a lot of attention to your work in the digital world. Your selfies are mostly taken at your workplace. They also carry a meaningful message along with it.

Libra: There is no presence of any excess element in your selfies. You know how to maintain ideal balance and it is also very well reflected in your pictures as well. As you have a strong sense of proportion as well as an eye for beauty, you can edit your clicks in the perfect way.

Scorpio: Your selfies carry an air of mystery. It seems as if you are interested to know the secrets that the lookers are hiding. As you understand the deepest of emotions, so your selfies also clearly portray expressions that are much complex to interpret.

Sagittarius: Your selfies reflects a bright smile and lots of optimism. There are also some which carry an excitingly adventurous look too. You should be very conscious about the details. Among all the zodiac signs, you are the most critical about the concept.

Capricorn: You seem to look steadily in your selfies. You sometimes look very responsible, sometimes even overburdened with responsibilities in your snaps. As you are a tough taskmaster, you are also much aware about your structure also. Your perfect selfie will be the one in which you look practical, grounded and someone who has an impact on the society.

Aquarius: Your selfies can be best described by the words inventive, futuristic and eccentric. Your selfies will reflect some solitude till you are a humanitarian at heart. As you are research oriented, so your selfies undergo transformation from time to time.

Pisces: You seem to be dreamy, imaginative, ambiguous and mystical in your selfies. Your favourite selfies are the ones in which you look deceptive. You prefer to take selfies mostly in outdoor locations.

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