Strange Facts about Capricorns

Strange Facts about Capricorns

What makes Capricorns so strange?

If a race or Olympics like athletics is held among the zodiac signs, the Capricorn being the coach will watch his trainees like a hawk. A Capricorn prefers to do all the hard work like mentoring, training, organizing and also taking full charge of any situation. The Capricorn is the most serious one among all the zodiac signs.

True soul mates

Serious folks seems to be boring, right?. But it is surprising as to how can they be someone’s true soul mate. Capricorns are very much committed to their partners and they believe that love triumphs over everything. They have a very romantic side and they are equally emotional as well. The only issue with them is that they can’t express themselves as much as they should. The main thing is that they believe that whatever problems may come, they can solve it. So they do not give up easily.

Traditionally rooted

If you are thinking of radical ideas, Capricorns will help you out. They have deep rooted tradition in them and their love and respect for it is reflected clearly in their behavior. However, they innovate around traditional ideas to come up with new ways.

Social introverts     

Their quiet and serious looks often make people feel that they prefer isolation. However, Capricorns inspite of being quiet also love limelight. They desire to be in positions that command power and so they are often seen as actors or politicians with large crowd of people following them.

Capricorns want to know both sides of a story

Capricorns being mature people want to hear both sides of the story. They will always do their own research before reaching a conclusion. So it is better for one not to expect them to take anyone’s sides, get biased or take any quick decisions. They want to ensure that they know everything.

Fight back in Defense

Capricorns generally do not put a toe out of line but if they are challenged or hurt deeply, then they will fight back aggressively. It takes a long time for their wounds to heal. Their only way to pay back is revenge.

Busy parents

Other than giving a lot of value to their work, Capricorns also value their family deeply. But as parents, they are unable to give enough time to their kids as they give a lot of priority to their work. They need to set aside some time for their kids as they have the potential within them to be wonderful parents.

Efforts vs Achievements

Capricorns believe in giving their best every time. They put in a lot of effort in their work. It is not always possible to be perfect and so there may be less achievements. But with the passage of time, these efforts will speak of their achievements.

Famous Bollywood Capricorns

In the Bollywood industry, heartthrob actor Hrithik Roshan and glamorous actress, Deepika Padukone, both being Capricorns are known  for their hard work and innovation.

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