One of the most important social customs in India includes Marriage. It is a holy unification of two hearts. In India, it is all about tradition and morals that make the marriage a lifetime union. However, it would be impulsive to think that lifetime marriages are free from troubles. It is very rare that couples do not face problems throughout their journey together, but the area of concern here is the alteration of traditional marriages to troubled marriages.

Every relationship has to face wax and wane but only those can live successful life who have learned to tackle the difficulties and work through the difficult affaires of daily life. If the couple understand the value of the society and follow it carefully they can stay happy and be successful in marriage as simple.

With the changing society, Marriages are being done in modern love cum arranged system or inter-caste along with the traditional arranged system. It is not the problem to adopt of a newer system of marriage as there are many love marriages and inter-caste marriages which are thriving but the problem is in disregarding the values of our society that keeps the marital bond intact throughout life.

What Astrology Speaks

The traditional values are seen from the 2nd House. In the normal zodiac, the 2nd House and 7th House are owned by Venus. 2nd House is the 8th House from the 7th House that indicates the endurance of marriage. 7th House is the 6th House from the 2nd House and so the troubles in marriage should be dealt with following values.

Venus is the Lord of both 2nd and 7th houses therefore there is a need to understand the role of Venus in depth. Venus a natural personage represents a brilliance which attracts loveliness, allure, attractive looks, fashion, trend etc. Venus is natural signifier for 4th House. It is the undoubted signifier of marriage, but for contentment, console and marital harmony, Moon plays an essential role together with Venus. It implies mental happiness and ease in a relationship along with worldly comforts. Venus conveys the passion and the passion are denoted by moon.

Venus is also the planet to consider for materialistic issues. Being the signifier of the 4th House and Lord of 2nd House and 7th House, prosperity, relations status and materialistic ease are the significations of these Houses. Venus also signifies money and gamble.

Venus in legends is Shukracharya, a priest. He was the Guru of the Asuras (demons) and only one to be blessed with the Mrit-Sanjivani Vidya by Lord Shiva, due to his commitment, dedication, faith and absolute fondness. He was the only one to be blessed with the Devine knowledge which allowed him to bring back ‘the dead to life.’

There are the two sides of Venus, at one side it is adhi-bhauthika, adhi-daivika and adhyatmikata and on the other side it is for worldly affaires, pleasures and material comforts. The first side denotes inner intensification while the other signifies external survival.

The inner growth takes place with the samskaras and the external existence changing times. The Human mind is always evolving and today it is pragmatic and intellectual. There is a need to strike a balance between inner and outer growth.

Venus when dignified and unaffiliated gives pleasure in life; harmed and distressed Venus gives unhappiness and uncertainty in life. People with afflicted Venus are more pretentious.

Venus will give all pleasure and comforts of married life if pursued in a conventional way that is by holding strongly to our traditional system on the opposite if it is followed as a way of deal for obtaining wealth then it will only result in a troubled marriage.

We all strive for bliss but find out the harder way to find it. It avoids most of us during lifetime. Happiness is a sensation and does not depend exclusively upon the established system of wedding. There will always be both positive and negative feature. India being so affluent in her tradition, ethnicity and values will keep the relationship tied even in the very critical circumstances. Viewing marriage as mutual understanding brings the relationship to the acquisitive level. Marriage is a holy relationship and that’s the great Indian custom that makes our society a grand one. You only need to recognize the value and admire our traditions.

The above aspects are protective measures but what if your marriage is already troubled. How do we conclude the root cause of the difficulty and find where contentment lies? There is a big need to understand your birth. We are born on this planet which is always spinning and turning on its own axis and so nothing is constant here. We are moving with respect to space, time and cause. As per astrology Jupiter signifies space, Saturn signifies time, Ketu signifies cause and Rahu signify the effect correspondingly. The scrutiny of these planets tells us the basis and charge of our birth and how our life would be precious by shifting times, which in succession depends on the Dasha cycle. The Dasha at birth is the opening point of our expedition. Astrology can help in examining the grounds for mess in marriage, whether troubles are related to disloyalty, urging, offspring, problems with in-laws, monetary issues, dejection, angst or problems with family or friends, health issues, communication gap etc. After the cause of the crisis is recognized all the focus should be on the counteractive measures for the problem causing planet.

The following notes will pave the way towards happiness–

  1. An in-depth study of Venus:Venus denotes marriage and happiness. It is important to study Venus with value to its location, facet, combinations and stipulation in terms of its motion, intimacy to sun and its hardship. The prime reason of marriage is reproduction, but the definitive purpose of marriage is to develop mutually piously, by overcoming difficulty and leading a happy married life. 4th House is not just substantial happiness but a stepping stone towards moksha, with the creation of intuitive growth. The analysis of Venus tells where a person stands, between prime and definitive reason of marriage.
  2. An in-depth study of 2nd House:The 2nd house is the House of ensuing wealth, property, riches and values. The worth of Houses plays at different levels, from worldly values to spiritual values. 4th House is third from the 2nd House so our labours to pleasure come from the value system.
  3. An in-depth study of 4th House:The 4th House which is a House of home, family, sense of belonging, expressive safety,  the role in family, bond, and intuitive growth.  Troubles are clear to come in life and marriage and there is no exemption. All difficulty does not end up in separation or divorce. Troubles when well-directed guide to pleasure and prosperity. It is just a game of time when a person has to counter problems and observe traumatizing occurrences.

An astrologer should be consulted to discover the causes, get straightforward directions and way to know and resolve the problems. Astrology should be used for advantage, accumulation, and exploit time as Time is the soul of life. It is the operator of fate and a key to all astrological calculation.

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