Combust Venus in Cancer in 2017 get horoscope reading for all zodiac signs

Combust Venus in Cancer in 2017 get horoscope reading for all  zodiac signs

 Famous Astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar is provides you time to time every things about planets transit and its predictions Now this time you get advance horoscope reading and effects about combust a planet. This analysis via Vedic Astrology puja.


Venus combusted in your fourth house. During this phase your vehicle might create problem for you. Any electronic appliance may malfunction. Avoid or kill the habit of addiction of any kind. Problem is foreseen in heart.


Your daily behaviour might change. Your communication skills will be less charming. You need to be careful about your health. Arguments are possible with your siblings. Servants might put you into trouble.


Expenses might trouble you. You are likely to spend on your family members. Disappointment in the love life is foreseen. Avoid over-eating. Your sexual desires will increase. Spiritual practises might get disturbed.


Do not invest money, else financial losses are possible. You will miss the mental peace in your personal life. Arguments are foreseen with the family members. Friends will harm you, do not trust anyone.


Your sexual desires will increase tremendously. However, you need to control it. This will impact your endeavours and delay the results. Argument is foreseen with any female colleague in office.


Luck will not support you. You will have to be patient and calm. You might take wrong decision about finances. Any family member might harm you, beware. Loss is possible from long journeys. Differences are possible with your father or anyone in family. Health issues especially backache will trouble you.

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You will have either loss or delay in your business or work. Argument with colleague is possible. Your courage and willpower will decrease. Do not change your job during this phase.


Instability is possible in personal life and losses are foreseen. You will not take interest in your work. You will also not be interested in the religious things. You will get attracted towards materialistic things. Health might trouble you and your spouse might go to distant place.


Any unexpected loss is possible and health issues will trouble you. Any endeavour might get disturbed at the last stage. You will have the sympathies or your friends but not the help. Try to be independent.


Love life will get disturbed. Your mentality will degrade and sexual thoughts will increase. You will not take interest in your work. Money will be spent at wrong places and you will turn lazy in your work.


Luck might cheat you. You will gain control over your anger and enthusiasm. Do not go for any major investment. There are possibilities of arguments in your love life. Servants might trouble you. Same is possible with the people whom you work with.


Any old disease might show up again. Children might give you troubles. Your speech might turn wrong. You will lose any stuff and personal life will be affected. Distraction is possible in pleasing the almighty.

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