Decide on your love life with these predictions

Decide on your love life with these predictions

Marriages are made in heaven. However its people’s destination that decides on the date of this union. This fortunate day is unknown to every person. But predictions make that possible as well. Today, astrology is playing an essential part in everyone’s life because we all want to be aware of our future. Hence predictions are being an integral part of people’s daily life.

Astrologers speak that marriage is one consultation which large people do. Hence here are highlights about marriage for the following signs for the year 2017.


2017 predicts that 7th house of marriage is not at all in power. Hence Sagittarius marriage horoscope 2017 states that you have to have a hold on your love life and relationships. The cosmos in your sign are neutral. They neither help your nor obstruct your way.

However the married people will stay married and single people will stay single. There are no signs of change in the status of relationship. Satisfaction will prevail and this will prevent you from making any big changes in your life.

Married people will have good life and smooth happenings. They will be normal living and romanticism will not be at its peak. Single people will not get married this year for sure. Romantic opportunities are on cards from late November 22nd onwards.

However Jupiter is housing in your 5th house, which brings the likelihood of romantic opportunities which shall be more of fun games. Enjoy this rather than enforcing judgements and demand.  The Jupiter will also make complications in terms of your responsibility but have the courage to fight them.

All over this is an unexciting year for romantic people and married people as well. You will have to work hard in terms of relations.


None of your social activities will be very active in the year 2017. There shall be lack of interest and boredom that will encapsulate your married life. Capricorn marriage horoscope 2017 states that the status quo will prevail which signify that married people will remain married while singles are also not going to find a partner.

Singles will however go through lots of short term flings which will come and go without any serious commitments. The Moon is your love planet and its movement into your sign in the second half of the year will reveal the love attitude in a slow pace.

The day to day love aspects will however be affected by other planets that will also play a large role. There will be two lunar eclipses this year which shall impact your married life to a great extent. So be cautious on 31st January and 28th July. There will be times of resentment where you will have to maintain cool and calmness. This dust will however settle very soon.

The love urge is on high towards the year end and you are absolutely ready to go on a honeymoon soon. However just fight the rough patch in a mature manner.

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May, 31 2016 05:59 pm