Doing Yoga can give you command over the planets

Doing Yoga can give you command over the planets

The connection between yoga and astrology

The practice of yoga, astrology and ayurveda were all discovered by the renowned Rishi Munis of the old and ancient India. It was also known as the Vedick Kaal.

Yoga and Ayurveda, can aid with curing a person, while astrology can help a person to know about his future.

The planets and the heavenly bodies can be commanded by the Pranayams and Yoga

According to astrology, every single aspect relies on the placement of the planets. To command over the negativities of the bodies, we can use practices like Daan, karmas, eating habits and mantras. The planets can also be commanded by yogas and pranaymas also. So today we are going to discuss about which planets can be commanded by pranyams and yoga

The Sun

When the greatest star disrupts up the charts, it can cause serious issues of negative confidence and various other negativity in your life. It can also weaken up your confidence. The sun can give you ailments like bad vision, heart problems, weak nervous system or even anaemia. If you want to have a command over the sun, then you can do the Surya Namaskar, Agnisar and the Bhastrika.

The Moon

When moon becomes your adversary, it can weaken up your kundali and you can also become stress filled, anxious and emotional. If you want to control the moon, you have to drink loads of water and practice the Anulom Vilom and Bhastrika. Reciting Om can also help.

The Mars

When the planet mars disrupts your life up, it gives out negativity in your temper and destroys your sexual life. You can either be impotent or very sensual, but both are bad. The planet can also make you lethargic and lazy. Try doing the Padmasan, Mayur and Titali Asan and the Sheetalikaran Paranaym in these cases.

The Mercury

When the planet mercury creates havoc in your decisions it can really have adverse effects on your life. The planet can also cause skin problems for you. In order to sustain the impact, you must eat green veggies and practice the Bhastrika. You can also do Anulom Vilom and recite Om to boost up your immune system and keep your mind cool and promote your decision making skills.

The Jupiter

When this planet creates the issues, it can affect your weight, sugar levels and stomach. The Jupiter can also, in some chances, cause cancer. Keep tabs on your sweet intakes and do not eat yellow things. The things which can sustain the planet are Kapal Bhati, Agni Sar and the Sarvang Asan. While Surya Namaskar can again help.

The Venus

When Venus is not on your side, it can create problems with your genetics, sexuality and cycle issues if you are a female. To sustain it, one should do not consume cold things, rice and curd. Also, doing pranayam can also help, as well as Dhanurasan, Moolbandh Aasan, Halasan, and Jaanusirasan.

The Saturn

If the Saturn planet causes issues, it can create problems with your acidity, gastro issues, heart issues and arthritis. Because of these things, one can easily get restless and provocative. The planet can give you sleep issues and you must hence stay clear of oily substances and drink tons of water.

The Asans and pranayam which aid during the issue of malefic Saturn are as follows – Anulom-Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Sheetalikaran, Agnisar and Bharamri.


If the rahu is situated on your Lagna of 2nd, 5th or 8th house, then it can bring negativity. It can impact your decision making skills, give your bad vision and your language can become offensive and bad. You can also struggle with anxiety, anger and from pointless arguments.

It is advised that one must do Anulom – Vilom, Bharamari and of course the Bhastrika to reduce the issues of the planet. You can also chant OM, as it can be beneficial for you.


When this planet hits your system, you can suffer from issues like piles, anaemia, skin issues, indigestion etc. it can make your blood totally impure. In order to have a command over the planet, you must always do Kapal Bhati, Anulom – Vilom and Aginsar, Sirsasan.

So, doing Yoga and various asans can help you to reduce the negativities of the planets.

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