Mercury Gochar Transit December 2016 to January 2017 Predictions all about zodiac Sign.

Mercury will transit to Capricorn on December, 2016 and will stay till  January, 2017. Mercury being the lord of wealth will bring a major change in every sunsign. Let us see what is there in store for the different sunsigns for the next 3 weeks.

Aries– the aries will enjoy profits and the working skills will improve. Time will be supportive for love life and will bring cordial relationship among the family members.

Taurus- time is good in the sense of savings. People will have interest in art and culture. The transit will be responsible for internal peace and happiness.

Gemini- there might be problems because of the transition of the ascendant lord to the eighth house. However there are good news in the later half.

Cancer– chances of expenses on family is there which will turn out to be fruitful. There will be mental happiness. But then there are chances of indecisiveness which should be avoided.

Virgo- time seems to be favourable for advisory purposes. However ego issues should be kept aside.

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Libra- there will be harmony among family members. Love as well as personal life will be satisfactory.

Scorpio– sad news is expected from siblings. Communication skills will improve.

Sagittarius– chances of great wealth for people havind pratyantar dasha of mercury.

Capricorn- there is great chances of fruitfulness for people for people with Capricorn as their ascendant sign.

Aquarius- financial conditions might be good. But there are chances of complicacies in love life.

Pisces- love life will be great. Luck will be favourable.

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Apr, 05 2016 11:05 pm