Movement of planet Mars transit to Libra 2017 Predictions for all Zodiac Sign

The planet Mars will make a transit and get into Libra in the year 2017. Online Astrologer Pandit Lokesh Jagirdar brings for you advance prediction on the based on Vedic Astrology and Horoscope reading.

. This will bring out results as per the relation with the lord of the house. Today we will not talk about planets that have no association with Mars in this movement.

You will see results if period of Sub, Sub Mars is there. So here are the zodiac by zodiac effects;


You do not need to worry, as lord of your house is looking out for you. But one should maintain peace, coolness and stay away from wrath, to avoid any issues. Make sure you are clear from any type of ego or arrogance; it will bring losses to you. Do not do hurtful things and take good care of your spouse. Maintain good and cordial relationship with her or him; as nothing will seem right without her/him.


Many people bring troubles to their life; however the Taurians are not like that. You can tolerate things till a long time but you can also give a huge fight back if needed. Life can become monotonous if you do everything as asked. Taurus represents our nation, and its tolerance and fighting spirit and winning things. You may face some homely issues and you might feel some financial pinch. But everything will fall in place

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Lover is the opening for absolute happiness. It can make people do things and it can bring people close to each other. These days however, love has been replaced by materialistic wants, but sometime we can spot true love. Trust is the base of all things and if anyone has that then there can be no issues at all. Clear off all doubts and take care of your health. Stay away from masala, spicy and street and fast food.


It is vital to have a good relationship with your all your family. Let go of your arrogance and anger totally. Your work will be good, so don’t worry. Money will never be an issue. Do not try to change your job as you will yield better answers later on. Most of your relationships will yield no results but you will often fall in love as ever. Be optimistic as you will not be that disappointed; just make sure you work hard.


The master or lord of your 9th house is checking into the 9th house itself. Nothing can be better than that. An individual can gain anything if luck is by his or her side. Mars is moving to the 3rd house and it is daring. Hence you do not have to worry an iota, just keep charging ahead. Avoid conflicts and maintain speed limits whilst driving. You might have to travel a ton but make sure you benefit yourself when you can, as they are imminent.


In general, lord of 3rd and 8th house mars does not deliver good outcomes for Virgo. Libra is made of Rahu, Mars and Jupiter; and often mars delivers hurt by placing in it on the constellation. However the effects will wear off when it moves to Jupiter’s constellation. One would have to keep a tab on himself and ignore other’s opinion. Try to be peaceful with family members; as mars may pump up your kind nature. You may feel rebelling or revolting but do not vary off in that direction. Be modest about yourself.


You won’t have much luck but you will still yield positive results in all your projects at modest pace. You will always find solution in strange scenarios. Your spouse will support you but there can be minor issues too. Conversations can help you but don’t try to over show you stance, just listen to what others have to say. Work hard and don’t be lazy and keep a good relationship with your family. Try to stay clear of minor issues like small health injuries or problems.


When we lose someone close to us, we always feel bad. The same thing happens when lord goes to 12th house. However, 12th house is for bed pleasures, and people like them. Hence do not be that upset or sad. All your friends will help and support you and all your projects will get accomplished. But there can be some minor or small delays that might frustrate you a lot. Monetary gains and some uncovered pleasures are on the horizon.

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If you want pleasure in your life, then love and relationship would yield them. You’d spend too much though and be prepared for that, but that’s natural as everything has a price in today’s world. Your work will run smoothly so try not to think about it much. You will all the time feel full of energy and this will also transfer to people who will be around you.  Everyone will be energised. But try to stay clear of any type of conflicts, especially with your friends. They are the ones who will guide and help you when you’d need someone the most. No one would be able to stand against you.


The lord the 11th house of yours is creating excellent scenarios for you by shifting to the 10th house. It is accommodating the aries and giving energy to the tenth house. You will always get positive results in your personal life as well as financial life. Make sure you finish off all your pending homely chores. Be relaxed at work and take holiday to a distant place. Pay attention towards your family, and if you are unmarried, then stay with your friends. The time is excellent, make the best of it.


As soon as the 1st, 11th and the 10th houses are in conjunction, they always create positive benefits for the person. The lord of 10th house is moving to your 9th house to enhance your luck. However as soon as the Mars moves to your Rahu, you will face issues. Health of an aged family member can be feeble. But you will generate profit generating avenues. You can even derive them from your family or friends; gifts may come from in-laws too. Aid and support people who are into spiritual rituals; but seldom expect anything from the others.


It is the lord of your 9th and 2nd house; hence mars will travel to your 8th house. This proposition will be beneficial for you. You time will be ambivalent but early on it will be full of sadness first. You will also find good things and bed happiness and pleasures will come your way. You will also garner financial profits thanks to a hidden or secret relationship. You will finish off all your enemies. Take utmost care of your health and immediate family. Inauspicious and unwanted things will end quite quickly, so be tension less

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