Different ways of drawing up people’s characters and purpose (the karma) of life have been studied and developed by different ethnic groups round the globe. One of the foremost studies in this field, the Vedic Astrology, can be traced back to the Vedic scriptures of ancient India.

This Indian Astrology is based chiefly on the belief that all things in this universe are harmoniously interlinked. Translating to “Jyotish” in Sanskrit, Vedic Astrology is the study of “Jyoti” or “light” – the lights that rule the sky and that reflect in our soul too. It is this pre-ordaned cosmic design that is supposed to destine our karma and future.


Based on Astronomy, it demands the knowledge of the exact positions of the planets in relation to any place on earth at any given time. This is then implemented in composing the representative charts that can offer a suggestive details about the moment for which the chart has been cast.

As opposed to the Tropical Zodiac, which presumes that the Sun returns to its original zero degrees Aries on every Spring Equinox, Vedic Astrology considers Stellar Zodiac, taking into account the “Ayanamsha”, the slow rotation of the Earth about its axis. This is why you will be surprised to know that your Sun Sign does not always comply with your Hindu Astrology, except when you are born in the last five days or so of the Western sign month. As a general rule, most people’s Sun Sign is one sign behind on the chart re-figured by Vedic Astrology.  With an analytical history of more than five thousand years, this subject gives due importance to the scientific concept that no galactic body can be present in the exact same point more than once every 25, 800 years.


The Vedic Astrology trusts the planetary periods of influence to foretell the future. In an astrological chart are mentioned the sign, house, aspects, house-lordships, conjunctions, and strengths of the planet. These charts are based on an exact point of time at a precise location on earth. That is to say, the moment a person is born at a particular place forms the foundation of that particular person’s birth chart or natal chart. An astrologer can analyse these can come to a decisive prediction about what a person is most likely to experience during that planetary period. This is then followed by the second layer of forecasting wherein the sub-periods of each major period is critically examined. The magic of this astrological prevision casts its spell over every possible sphere of life- be it birth, education, career, love, marriage or health. Vedic astrology is believed to hold an explanation for the very character and personality of an individual as well as for every upheaval and success in his/her life. In a nutshell, Vedic astrology predictions house the accurate answer key to the why-where-how of the events that are yet to unfold in your life.


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