The Miraculous Aspects of Gem – Does It Bring Luck To You?

The Miraculous Aspects of Gem – Does It Bring Luck To You?

Luck, the governing factor of human life, is the most important key that relates every single person’s life with his success and failures. According to the Hindu Astronomy, luck is what we call as BHAGYA.It is believed that our luck or BHAGYA is controlled and ruled by the nine planets of our solarsystem, famously known as the NAVAGRHA, including the Sun too.

No matter what our destiny decides for us, cannot be redefined, but can be controlled and strengthened by using certain precious stones. These precious stones are known as RATNA or gems. Every particular planet has its own representative stone or RATNA and these gems are very particular to each and every sunsign.These gems have a super captive power, which on using may bring out good results to you.

What are The Different Types of Ratnas?

There are basically nine types of these gems, as mentioned under the Hindu astronomy. Every single RATNA is very specific for every single ruling planet of your sun sign-

  • Ruby – for the Sun (Surya)
  • Pearl or the MOTI – for the Moon (Chandra)
  • Emerald or the PANNA – for the Mercury (Buddha)
  • Red Coral or the MOONGA – for the Mars (Mangala)
  • Diamond or the HEERA – for the Venus (Shukra).Yellow sapphire or the PUKHRAJA – for the Jupiter (Brahaspati)
  • Blue Sapphire or the NEELAMA –for the Saturn (Shani)
  • Hessonite or the GOMED -for the ascending node of moon (Rahu)
  • Cat’s eye or the LEHSUNIYA – for the descending node of moon (Ketu)

How To Choose The Correct Gem?

  • It is said, that these gems can enhance your luck, only if it is used in the correct way. One should consult a good experienced astrologerfor this purpose, who actually reads out your sun sign and suggests you with that particular Ratna that you need.
  • These gems should be highly pure and efficient.
  • They come under different densities for different problems. One should always keep in mind, never ever use any gem without knowing about it- if you wear a different gem not means to match your sun sign, it can prove to be disastrous – yes it can.These gems are directly related to your life and destiny.
  • These gen should be properly tested to check its purity, as there are many fake stones also available in the market. These gems are quite costly – much indeed.

How Does These Gems Work?

These gems are absolutely a way through for reflections and refractions of rays which directly affect your mind, soul and body, which in turn coms out as a consequence of strengthening your ruling planet. It can be worn in the form of ring, bracelet, and locket or around waist to.

Hipocrisy or Truth

It always strikes on our mind that if wearing these gems bring luck to us, then why do we need to word. Actually, it is impossible to succeed without hard work and dedication in this world. To make your own luck, one needs to work hard first, not depending on anything. These gems are just an additional supplement for people, just like our doctors prescribe us to take extra vitamins for enhancing our health. Ultimately you are then author of our own destiny and the gems are just your pen.

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