What your birth number talks about your character?

What your birth number talks about your character?

Getting your birth number:

Every single person’s date of birth has a very significant value as per their character traits and personality.

How to determine the number?

To start with, if a person’s birth date falls on the 5th of April 1990, then his birth number is 5. If it’s 25th of April, then all you have to do is add up 2 and 5, which is equal to 7. Hence the birth number is 7. So let us understand the meaning of the different birth numbers.

The Birth Number 1

People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and the 28th have 1 as their birth number. They are quite bold and think themselves as hard workers, honest, trustful and highly esteemed. They are organic leaders, do friendship easily and are quite famous in their groups. They are appreciated for their qualities, skills and work.

Personality of #1

They appreciate beauty, taste and quite sober in nature. They detest lethargic people but they sometimes take unnecessary risks thanks to their over-confidence. Have look great and have a charming personality. Their lucky colours are golden yellow or plain yellow, and they should wear it when they need extra strength during illnesses.  For them, people with 1, 7 and 4 birth number should be a good match.

The birth number 2

People born under the dates of 2, 11, 20 and 29 are considered as birth number two. These people are quite a dreamers, argumentative and mentally stronger than physically. They do well at workplaces where mental strength is needed. They always say yes to everything and they have a big heart. People love them and they make new buddies all the time.

Personality of #2

They can easily read your mind and if they live near oceans, seas or lakes, then they can become quite lucky. Light green is their lucky colour as it can boost up mental strength. However, they must reject dark colours like blue, black and purple. They can make good friends with fellow birth number 2s.

The birth number 3

People who are born on the dates of 12, 3, 21, and of course 30 have 3 as their birth number. They are strong, religious at their soul, spiritual, dreamer and have a very outward and free attitude towards life. But, they do not show their religiousness in the traditional ways. They do not lose their conscience even when they are angry. They speak well, follow rules, are disciplined and have a healthy logic.

Personality of #3

They thrive on their status and money and education and law can be good for them. Their colours are purple, blue, yellow and pink. Yellow can bring extra luck. People with birth number of 3 and those who are born on dates of six, nine, fifteen, twenty-four, twenty-seven, and eighteen make good partners for them.

The birth number 4

People born on 4, 22, 13 and 31 are born with the number 4 birth number. They are quite extreme in the life, as well as unpredictable. They can stay happy at times but can go bonkers few moments later. They continuously change the decisions but are secret keepers. They can be attacking and bestow fear amongst people and they can break the rules, simply because they want to.

The personality of #4

They are quite selfish and they need to excises a bit of sensitivity. Khaki, blue and grey are their lucky shades. People with birth #4 can become their good partners.

The Birth number 5

People with birth date of 5, 23 and 14, have 5 as their birth number. They are full of idea ideas and they are the actual new generation. They are radicals and renegades and they come up with new plans. Still they are quite logical and they over overtime, most times! They love their friends.

Personality of #5

They have many friends and they love to take tours as they feed their intellect. They can fit in any scene or scenario. They look younger than they are and they live that way! Their lucky shades are gray, white and light green. They can be friends with followers  and also with 3s and 1s.

The birth number 6

People born on the 6th, 24th and 15th; have #6 as their personal birth number. They are quite good looking, appreciate beauty and always wear competent attires. They do not like chaos and love speed. They have high tastes and love blowing their money up. They are always blessed with good health, power, sensuality and a good smile.

Personality of #6   

They know their style and they do not like fighting, debating or arguing with people. Their lucky shades are pink, the dirty yellow, plain white and of course light blue. White can help them to influence individuals up. They can become good friends with 3 and 9.

The birth number 7

People who are born over the dates of 7th, 16th and 25th have 7 as their birth number. These people are very compassionate and cooperative. They are dreamers, forward looking, modest and clam. Travelling is their hobby and they love to travel to water bodies.

Personality of #7

They think freely, like poems and roam around a lot. They are lucky and their friends also become lucky thanks to them. They have a sharp memory and have a dashing personality. Lucky shades for them are light blue, as it can create extra energy. 7 people can team up with 1s.

The birth number 8

Those who are born on 8th, 17th and 26th, have 8 have their birth number. The 8 represents confidence and changes. These people are complex and most people do not get them at all. They love living alone, in peace and tranquillity. They are the hard workers and come up with great ideas.

Personality of #8

They can either by calm as the winds or can be destructive as the tornado. They do not like stupidity and are quite nice to people and friends. Their lucky shades are black, gray, purple and blue. If they have something black with them, then they can get rid of any problems. They can become good friends with fellow 8ers and people who have birth dates on second, fourth, twelfth, sixteenth, twentieth, twenty-fourth and twenty-sixth.

The birth number 9

People who are born on the 9th, 18th and the 27th have a birth number 9. They are people with great sense, personality, goal-orientation, and are quite dynamic. They are not afraid of anything and are quite the stubborn types. They like adventures but they must keep good health too, as they can get sick, from childhood, easily.

Personality of #9

They can be impatient and very stubborn in nature, and that can cause issues. But they are quite loyal to their loved ones. Their honour is everything for them and they can be greats if they steer clear away from negativity, whining and back-talks. Shades of pink and red are lucky for them, and they can make good buddies of the fellow 9s.

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